New Parallels Desktop 18 designed specifically for the latest Apple hardware and macOS 13 Ventura

Parallels today announced the release of Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac. Parallels’ powerful solution allows users to optimize the latest Apple hardware, increase performance and streamline game updates. This gives users more freedom and flexibility.

In addition, the new release of Parallels® Desktop 18 for Mac includes several benefits for all consumers and professionals:

1. Optimal performance: Users can run more than 200,000 Windows apps and classic games on their Mac;
2. Continuous and seamless integration: Parallels Desktop 18 is optimized for the latest Apple hardware. The new version is compatible with Apple’s ProMotion display and the Apple M1 Ultra chip, which delivers Windows 11 up to 96% faster on a Mac Studio. In addition, users are continuously informed about upcoming macOS upgrades;
3. Easier installation of Windows 11: Users save time by downloading, installing and configuring Windows 11 with a single click. In addition, they can download several free ready-to-use Linux systems.
4. Enhanced Windows gameplay on a Mac: Connect a game controller to your Mac, switch to Windows and start playing. Take advantage of the smoother user interface and video playback in Windows and the higher frame rate while playing games.

The new features in Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac are specifically designed to increase productivity through a powerful Windows operating system on Mac that is easy to use and stays up-to-date even with new Apple hardware or a new macOS, Windows – or Linux version is released.

“We are proud of our developers, who continue to develop cutting-edge innovations. This gives our users an even more powerful and smooth Parallels Desktop for Mac experience, which is integrated with the latest macOS Ventura. In addition, the new version is optimized for the latest Apple hardware and includes valuable features for enhanced productivity and performance,” said Prashant Ketkar, Chief Technology & Product Officer at Corel. “The unparalleled ease of use of Parallels Desktop for Mac allows our users to fully focus on their work.”

Main features of Parallels Desktop 18

Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac Standard Edition:
• Optimized for the upcoming macOS release to support new features and functionality and deliver outstanding performance.
• Full support for Apple’s ProMotion display with automatic refresh rate and even more powerful performance for the Apple M1 Ultra. Users now get more resources, making Windows 11 run up to 96% faster.
• Seamless Windows gaming experience with Xbox or DualShock Bluetooth game controllers automatically shared across Windows and Linux.
• Improved compatibility of Intel (x86) applications. running in Windows 11 on ARM, especially when saving and reading files on the Mac drive.
• Enhanced USB 3.0 to support live data streaming devices including Elgato HD60, Startech USB 3.0 Video Capture and more.

Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac Pro Edition (offers all the power of the Standard Edition plus the following unique features):
• Powerful network conditioning on Mac with Apple M1, allowing users to set different virtual machine network conditions (bandwidth, packet loss, latency), similar to Windows and Linux virtual machines.
• Isolate the network of virtual Macs on Apple M1 Macs for better security and start a Minikube cluster with Parallels Desktop as the virtualization provider.
• Use network boot with Linux ARM virtual machines, now also available on Mac computers with Apple M1 chips.
• Easily analyze application performance in a separate VM through the enhanced Parallels plugin for Visual Studio.

Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac Business Edition builds on the power of the Pro Edition with additional functionality, including:
• Convenient SSO/SAML authentication so employees can log in and activate Parallels Desktop via a corporate account.
• Administrators can deploy, provision, or transfer a Windows 11 virtual machine to employees’ Mac computers.
• Manage the Parallels Customer Experience program centrally from Parallels My Account.

Watch the video about the main features of Parallels Desktop 18:

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Trial version and availability:
All editions of Parallels Desktop 18 (Mac Standard Edition, Mac Pro Edition and Mac Business Edition) are designed to provide an optimal experience on both M1 and Intel-based Mac computers. The versions are sold worldwide at and through authorized resellers. Parallels Desktop plans include free plans for simultaneous use of Parallels Access and Parallels Toolbox for Mac and Windows.

For more information on Parallels products, visit You can also download a free trial or purchase a subscription here.

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