Summer excursions in Groningen and Drenthe: Visit a show about drug crime in the Groningen countryside, become a junior detective in the prison and or get lost during the Boerenrock festival

The NPO series ‘Hollands Hoop’ comes to Overschild as a musical theater performance, children can do a treasure hunt in the Prison Museum in Veenhuizen, and there is an exhibition about remote places and endless landscapes in ‘t Waar. You can find more fun events at

Junior detectives wanted in prison

In collaboration with Actief Veenhuizen there will be during the summer holidays an education for children who want to become detectives. Detectives who are reliable and smart are allowed to come to the prison museum in Veenhuizen to help the police solve a real crime.

During a digi-quest you end up in different places in the prison village. The treasure hunt is suitable for children aged 8 and over. Smaller children can participate with the help of a parent. The trip is approximately 3 kilometers long, and you need a smartphone with GPS and a working camera.

Veenhuizen – Prison Museum, until 4 September, Mon to Sun 11am to 2pm, €5

Drug crime in Groningen country

The NPO series Dutch hope about drug crime and the legacy of the past is being transformed this summer a musical theater performance in the countryside of Groningen. The play will be played from next Wednesday until September 11 at the farm Hoog Hammen in Overschild, where the series was filmed. The place can accommodate a thousand people every night. The cast includes Marcel Hensema, Megan de Kruijf, Joost Spijkers, Albert Secuur and Marieke Klooster. Music during the performance is provided by a 27-piece orchestra.

BNNVARA did three seasons of Holland’s Hoop series. In the first season, forensic psychiatrist Fokke was introduced, who rolls into the weed business when he inherits his father’s farm. In the second season, Fokke managed to turn the farming community into a prosperous mini-community by founding a secret cannabis cooperative. In season three, Fokke faced unexpected competition and a hostile takeover of his empire.

Dutch hope is a notion of corpses coming out of the closet, or perhaps staying in the ground forever. About heritage from the past, which, like the farm and the land, is passed on from generation to generation. About strife between fathers and sons, in the present and the past. And about threats to the Groningen landscape, then and now.

Overschild – Hoog Hammen, up to and including 11 September, Wed up to and including Sun at 20.30, 30 euros

Four days of celebration during the Boerenrock festival | advertising

The Boerenrock Festival takes place in Drouwenermond next Thursday to Sunday. The idea for the festival, which is being organized for the 14th time this year, originated in the local pub where Mooi Wark sometimes appeared. Popularly, the festival is also called The Nordic Black Cross mentioned, a comparison of which the organization is proud.

This year’s program consists of performances by farmers’ rock bands Mooi Wark and Bökkers, DJs Charly Lownoise and Paul Elstak, Dutch music by Dennie Christian and Jannes, but also German schlager by Helene Fischer-double Victoria. In addition to music, there is a cross track, tractor pull and fairground. Look for the program

Drouwenermond – Festival Square, Thu 18 to Sun 21 August, from 16.34 euros

‘Silverlicht en Verzicht’ at Galleri Waarkunst | advertising

Visual artists Sophia de Vries and Marten van Holten show their work below the exhibition Silver Light and Verzicht at Galleri Waarkunst in ‘t Waar. The artworks by De Vries refer to places you have once been. The archetypal buildings and streets are reminiscent of distant places and have a silvery appearance.

Van Holten’s work is characterized by the same loneliness. Visitors are confronted with an almost endless landscape, inspired by Dollard, Oldabmt. His work is an ode to the polder landscape.

‘t Waar – Galleri Waarkunst, until Nov 6, every Sunday 11am-5pm, free

Train Parades at the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum | advertising

Narrow gauge railways are used in more places than just the peatlands and to show this the Industrial Narrow Gauge Museum in Erica is holding a train parade. A committee has drawn up a program in collaboration with young volunteers with a construction parade, military parade, Holland parade and peat parade, all on 700 and 900 millimeter tracks.

During the parades, there is a target train, a locomotive from the air force’s ammunition complex and demonstrations of radio-controlled cars. There are also trips of approximately one hour with a narrow-gauge train and for children there is a children’s train, bouncy castle, water railway, and they can get their train driver’s license.

Erica – Industrial Narrow Gauge Museum, Sat and Sun 10.00-16.30, 9.50 euros (up to and including 12 years 7 euros)

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