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‘Wouldn’t they have stumbled upon this, or another upsetting topic’ and ‘What a post’: these are some responses to a news topic that has been of interest to readers. Below are the letters from readers that appeared in the newspaper on Monday 2 May. You can send a reply yourself via

Today Inside | Canceling the Derksen of Rijnmond is ridiculous

The mustache leaves, the curtain falls Today inside(30-4 AD). Johan Derksen has made a mistake that cannot be justified. It was not fair and hurtful to people who have ever experienced abuse. He has chosen to give up, that is his decision. However, I think it is ridiculous that theaters and RTV Rijnmond choose to cancel it. We have twenty years of him Music for adults enjoyed it and he did it for free. great blues, Americana, with very good backstories. Cancel, says Rijnmond. I understand that it hurt. But to deprive this man of everything, I don’t understand that at all.

Wilma Hagers-Bakker, Rotterdam.

Today Inside | Not pretty, but the plug is a shame

The Netherlands blows itself up again. What a genius. And what is it about? Johan does not tolerate rape. We saw man talking in the pub. Not delicate, definitely not. But pulling the plug now is a mortal sin. It was original and at times transgressive. Taste varies. There is an on and off button on the TV. Johan should have simply apologized the next evening to all the women who might have been hurt. And must add that it was never his intention to condone rape. It just got a little out of hand. We would have had a nice program every evening at 9.30pm. Come on Johan, it’s still possible, right? Sniff all the vinegar pisses and come back with your friends.

Carla de Wilde.

Today Inside | A victory that the program is on the tube

Of course it came here. Didn’t they stumble over this or some other mess
causative subject. When the program was still football-related, the viewership of women was 28 percent, it was at Today inside increased to 48 per cent. That was Talpa’s intention: invite more ladies and we will reach a wider audience. And it worked. But not for long. Women watching with their families (in my case with husband and two adult sons) quickly got red ears as spicy, sexist statements came again. Derksen is the master storyteller, preferably about erotic escapades of colleagues and former colleagues, often with names and numbers. This time it was about himself, and hooray, he has now dug his own grave. We are not served by this kind of pub talk and have it a lot let it be noted. I see it as a victory. Let’s hope that Mr. Van der Gijp does not return with his dirty jokes and dirty talk, which – as we could hear – he likes to tell his son, which is bad enough.

Mrs Van der Steen, Utrecht.

Today Inside | Advertisers should be ashamed

Friday night Özcan Akyol was there Jack. He asked very pointed questions, especially to Ruud van Os from Radio Rijnmond. Why the popular music program for the elderly by Johan Derksen was immediately discontinued. And the weak answer: because the ladies on the editorial staff asked questions about it. What a failure, I will immediately boycott Radio Rijnmond. While many people enjoyed the program. You may not agree with Derksen, but tastes differ. Apparently we now have to watch pre-programmed talk shows where you have to be a good boy. There are worse things than the stories about Johan Derksen. And comments from, among others, Sigrid Kaag from D66, it’s a bridge too far. It’s called self-reflection. Rijnmond, Toto and Stella Cycling should also be ashamed of themselves.

Roos Buisman, Schiedam.

Today Inside | Hypocrites, all those people who think they are good

Of course, Derksen should have been wiser. But that sponsors and also Rijnmond banned him is really pathetic. Sigrid Kaag thinks it is right that he resigns, something she herself should have done with the perverts within her club D66. She likes to exclude others. And all the pathetic people who think they are good, quite hypocritical. But eventually they decide what can and cannot be said. Sad.

Ineke van den Berg, Rotterdam.

Today Inside | WE will become SI, watch out

The decision has been made. Guess what: VI becomes SI (Sport Inside) and returns as a sports program with Hélène Hendriks as moderator. Guests joining us: Wilfred Genee, Jan Boskamp, ​​Hans Kraay, Wim Kieft, Thijs Zonneveld, Roxane Knetemann and many others. Nice isn’t it?

Ferry Visser, Dordrecht.

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