Toto stops sponsoring Today Inde, Derksen also loses radio programs | Jokes about Johan Derksen

The gambling company Toto also immediately stops the ‘year-long collaboration’ with the TV program Today inside because of football analyst Johan Derksen’s statements about sexually transgressive behavior. The presenter said on Tuesday i Today inside that once in the early 1970s he had penetrated an unconscious, drunk woman with a candle – a day later he downplayed that story again.

Toto, one of the program’s biggest sponsors, will also no longer advertise during the commercial breaks Today inside. In a statement, the gaming company said it “emphatically distanced itself” from Derksen’s statements, “which are extremely hurtful and condescending towards victims of sexual violence, and where empathy and compassion are not shown in any way.” Toto, who worked with WE, also says that a limit has now been reached. Derksen previously made unwelcome statements in the Talpa programme, but now, according to a spokesperson, ‘a new low point’ has been reached.

The gaming company says there is no reason for a similar decision on other collaborations with Talpa. Toto did not want to go into details about the sponsorship agreements, such as the sponsorship amount. Toto said he had already passed the decision on to Talpa. The gambling company could not yet say what comment Talpa had on the decision.

Earlier today, e-bike specialist Stella Cycling announced sponsorship of the TV show due to these statements Today inside to stop immediately. “Although Stella, as an e-bike manufacturer, is very fond of sports and exercise, including football, it distances itself from what happened in that particular broadcast,” the company said. Talpa Network, responsible for the program, was not immediately available for comment today.

“Sorry to be late”

In addition to Toto and Stella Cycling, Derksen also loses his radio programs at RTV Rijnmond, NH Media and Omroep West. There he could be heard weekly in the program Music for Adults. Omroep West announces tonight that they will no longer allow the presenter to be heard on the channel “out of respect for all women who have ever had to deal with sexual intimidation, assault or rape”. “The fact itself and the failure to reflect critically on one’s own behavior are the reasons why the broadcaster is stopping this program,” says editor-in-chief Henk Ruijl from Omroep West.

“The apologies that have been announced come too late. Apart from the results of the prosecution’s investigation: we were well aware that we had a unique and idiosyncratic presenter on the station with Johan, but this cannot mean that he is spreading things that are so far from what we believe to be our values ​​as a broadcaster. belong,” said Ruijl.


The fact itself and the failure to reflect critically on one’s own behavior are the reasons why the broadcaster stops this program

Henk Ruijl, editor-in-chief Omroep West

‘Derksen has crossed a line’

Rijnmond’s editor-in-chief Ruud van Os says in a statement that Derksen ‘has crossed a line’. ,,The shocking story about Derksen on Tuesday and the total lack of empathy a day later forced me to this decision. Derksen has crossed a line and has hurt victims of sexually transgressive behavior to the core of their souls. At Rijnmond, integrity is one of the core values ​​we work with. This applies to all employees, permanent employees and freelancers, including Johan Derksen.”

This is stated by Van Os Music for adults has been ‘a good and well-listened-to program’ on the station for twenty years, but that doesn’t mean ‘the face of the show can afford everything’. “I realize that when I stop Music for adults many listeners disappoint. In the conversation that director Bert Klaver and I had with Johan this afternoon, he understood our arguments and respected our decision. We are very grateful to Johan Derksen for twenty years of wonderful music on Radio Rijnmond.”


The prosecution also announced today that it would investigate Johan Derksen’s claims and called on those involved to tell their story. ‘On the basis of two broadcasts of the Today inside programme, last Tuesday and Wednesday, the public prosecutor in North Holland has decided to initiate an investigation. This investigation is aimed at finding the truth about possible criminal behavior that was discussed in that program,’ said the public prosecutor’s office. ‘We also encourage those involved to tell their story as far as it is still possible.’

The results of the investigation will be assessed by the prosecution for so-called criminal law relevance. This takes into account any statute of limitations. These time limits depend on the nature, context and time when a criminal offense is alleged to have been committed.

Derksen is in the program tonight Today inside make excuses for the ‘light story’. Talpa Network made this known in a brief statement earlier today. Whether Derksen starts his theater tour on Sunday depends on his apologies, says the agency AT Next in a response.

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