What can you do in Groningen and Drenthe this weekend? Seven tips for fun excursions

Admire roaring tractors at the Trekkerslep, come to tan fish leather, see living statues, visit the Helenium festival, sail the shrimp cutter, stroll through Vitalis Loppemarked or learn all about ancient crafts during harvest day.

Clouds of dust during Trekkerslep in Hooghalen

On Friday and Saturday there are roaring tractors to admire amid huge clouds of dust and smoke during Trekkerslep in Hooghalen. This year Trekkerslep Hooghalen also celebrates its 20th anniversary; so there is extra time with the addition of a Speedcross with dirt bikes and two party nights.

On Saturdays there is a performance by the Overijssel rock band Bökkers. More information can also be found on the website.

Learn how to tan and edit fish leather

Learn how to tan fish leather at Place the World in Vries. You can then make your own jewelery with this fish leather. The craft of tanning fish leather is practiced in many places in the world. The skin of the fish provides soft leather with a special structure.

During the workshop you will also learn how to work the leather and then go home with several tanned hides and a reader to continue at home.

Living statues in Rolde

Living statues always appeal to the imagination, literally and figuratively. On Sunday, the open championships of the three provinces of living statues will take place in Rolde. During the Beeldschoon Rolde, around 25 to 30 statues can be admired in person.

There are prizes for the participants; an expert jury evaluates the participants. The categories are youth and adults. There is also a fair and street theater with various artists from Drenthe.

Stoking Raku at Helenium Festival

Saturday and Sunday there will be The Helenium festival celebrated the 20th anniversary of Kwekerij Jacobs in Vriescheloo. The garden and perennial nursery are ready for it with a large open garden; the sea of ​​flowers is very festive. It is buzzing with insects and butterflies. In addition, raku fired ceramics can be found in the garden around the house.

Both days, ceramist Anneke Gebert and her husband Frans will fire raku all day long. They have baked extremely long-blooming Heleniums, which can be used to make a candle holder as desired. Coffee or tea with apple cake and whipped cream is also served (for a small fee).

Sailing on the shrimp cutter from Zoutkamp to Groningen

The Fishing Museum in Zoutkamp, ​​​​Museum aan de A (the successor to the Northern Maritime Museum) and Het Groninger Landschap organize a series of special day trips on Reitdiep from until September. It combines culture, history and nature. The Reitdiep area is one of the oldest cultural landscapes in Europe. The meandering Hunze (now Reitdiep) once connected Groningen to the sea. It is not without reason that this area was often a subject in the works of Groningen’s artist collective De Ploeg.

On Saturday you can sail from Zoutkamp to Groningen with ZK4. A taxi will take you back to the pick-up point. You can also sail the other way on Sunday, from the Scheepvaartmuseum/Museum aan de A in Groningen. You can register via zk4@museumaandea.nl.

Vitalis Flea Market at the Fish Market

Vitalis Flea Market takes place on Sunday at the Vismarkt in Groningen. The market consists exclusively of antiques, curiosities and used goods. Like the Grote Markt, the Vismarkt offers a central location in the historic center of Groningen. The stalls can be visited from 10.00 to 16.30.

For more markets also keep the website www.vitalismarkets.nl/nl/agenda closely monitor.

Old-fashioned crafts on harvest day

Saturday in Lhee, near Dwingeloo, celebrated the 40th edition of Harvest Day. With Saxon farmhouses, Lhee offers a fitting backdrop for this anniversary edition. Dive into farm life in 1900 for a day under the theme ‘Already 40 years of rye called’. Who remembers how the rye was beaten in those days, how the shields were tied and put in the ‘gaasten’ and then put on the ‘mieten’? Or how do the housewives manage without a washing machine and freezer? The notary and the panner keep things, the baker bakes bread in the field oven and you can see how washing and conservation used to be.

There is also a demonstration of the old folk art of spreading a carpet of sand and a little further on a farrier and a straw man are at work. There are also displays of old tractors, farm engines, bicycles and old implements, and various painters exhibit a large collection of paintings. The youngest visitors will encounter activities such as collection, children’s threshing and ‘school anno 1900’ with nostalgic children’s songs and square games from the past. There is much more to experience, the entire program can be found at www.oogstdag.nl.

You can find more excursions at dvhn.nl/agenda.

You can register for an event via uitservice.nl.

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