Police advise: Work at home today due to unpredictable farmer actions | Internal

The police advise working from home today, now that there are totally unpredictable actions from angry farmers on the agenda. Police officers across the country are ready to intervene if things get out of hand.

The police will be in emergency mode on Monday to maintain order. Extra police officers are on standby in all regions, and national units can assist where things get out of hand. The army’s heavy equipment is also available, says Willem Woelders, operations manager at the national police unit. “There are good agreements with the defence. We have larger vehicles and trucks ready and on duty to block roads and pull tractors. You don’t do that with a Volkswagen.”

But the big question is: where should the police actually intervene? “We also see calls to action on social media, including in vital locations such as ports, Schiphol and distribution centres. But we also have no idea what exactly is going to happen.”

Lots of action, unknown where

Nor can action groups themselves say that at this time. Bart Kemp from Agractie: ,,We hear a lot of rumours, we expect a lot of action in many places, but we have no idea how, what or where. We are not involved in the organization, it arises spontaneously in all kinds of groups and regions.”

Police chief Willem Woelders said earlier on TV: It is unacceptable that protesting farmers visit politicians at home. © Videostill

Woelders emphasizes at the same time that there are indeed preparations. “The official organizations are not responsible, but of course agreements are made to meet each other ‘accidentally’ at a crossroads. We are currently trying to get maximum information from social media, but in order to join closed groups we need an authorization from a public prosecutor.” It limits the possibilities of seeing.

work at home

Although the Dutch in a poll of the program The heart of the Netherlands informed that they do not intend to work from home, Woelders advises that they do so. “Given the information available now, it seems sensible to work from home tomorrow if possible. These actions often lead to traffic jams and other conditions on the road.” Rijkswaterstaat warns that there may be delays on the road during the day. ‘If there is a lot of delay, leave later or work at home’ is the motto here. Extra road inspectors and traffic controllers have been deployed to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The Central Bureau of Driving Licenses (CBR) also takes into account the announced large-scale protests throughout the country. Individuals who are unable to take their driving test due to possible roadblocks or who arrive late will be given a new test opportunity in the foreseeable future and at no additional cost.

Police chief Woelders hopes in any case that there will be no ‘major violence’ tomorrow. “With the previous experience, we are prepared for disruption of public order and criminal matters. But I hope that farmers who exercise their right to demonstrate use their common sense.”

Watch our videos about the farmers’ protests below:

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