Public trust in science is being abused

Public trust in science being abused – Wynia’s Week

Week 32 – 2022

Public trust in science is being abused

Intro WW 13-8-22

‘SCIENCE’ Arnout Jaspers: That it is ‘very bad’ with nature is not a scientific fact, but just one lie | FOOD CULTURE We are too fat because we want to eat cheap and does not want to cook himself, writes Wim Groot | SLAVERY Parliament’s delegation would have been better off going to the library than one sweet trip to the West Piet Emmer believes | OIL Shell is good for him staff but not for his customers, argues Menno Tamminga | PARTY CONCERT Eduard Bomhoff: The elite must renounce their preferences and Omtzigt and Rieu to applaud | SERVING Bart Collard on unnecessary tears and shame Tim the Best

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ArnoutJaspers 13-8-22

Public trust in science is being abused

In my column last week, I discussed how fact-free nonsense is becoming more and more normal in science. That example concerned the sustainability of agriculture, but the situation is also quite sad when it comes to gender, inclusiveness and ‘decolonisation’. A reader’s response to my column from last week…

WimBig 13-8-22

We are too fat because we want to eat cheap and don’t want to cook ourselves

In order to reduce obesity, it does not help either to reduce the number of fast food restaurants or to make fruit and vegetables cheaper. This requires a change in our food culture, argues Wim Groot. The food must be more expensive. The four large municipalities will reduce the number of fast food restaurants in poorer neighbourhoods. They will…

Pete Bucket 8-13-22

Parliament’s delegation would have been better off traveling to the library than to Suriname

Next year it will be 160 years since slavery in Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles was abolished. A delegation from the House of Representatives traveled to the West last week to ‘evolve in the slavery past’, as de Volkskrant writes. The statements from the delegation leader, Kiki Hagen (D66), make…

MennoTamminga 13-8-22

Shell is good for its employees, but bad for its customers

Sinterklaas is coming early this year and his name is Ben. The majority of Shell’s 82,000 employees in more than 70 countries receive a bonus of 8 percent of their regular salary from the management led by Ben van Beurden. Extra holiday money when they come back from holiday. It is of course nice to…

Eduard Bomhoff 13-8-22

The elite must applaud Omtzigt and Rieu

After a month of war in Ukraine, André Rieu posted a video with a Ukrainian soprano accompanied by three Russian singers. As an introduction, André said: ‘If everyone wanted to make music together, the world would be a completely different place.’ 1.2 million views, but not – I think – by our elite…

BartCollard 8-13-22

Unnecessary tears and shame for singing ‘servant’

Against the radical wishes of the loud activists, it is important to express a dissenting voice and continue to point out the dangers of the wake, argues Bart Collard. During Gay Pride, Tim den Besten reports for Avro/Tros from a stage next to the channel. When Avro/Tros’ boat arrives…

SypWynia 10-8-22

The Netherlands has become wetter

Many Dutch media seem to want to put their readers, viewers and listeners in a permanent state of disarray. They are overloaded with disasters and bleak prospects and often get a sense of guilt for free. And rarely was it as bad as in the summer of 2022. But what about…

MarnixKrop 10-8-22

Merkel and Rutte: an ambassador’s diary

In his book ‘Heart of Europe’, the Dutch diplomat Marnix Krop described his experiences as ambassador in Warsaw and Berlin. Krop (1948-2022) died unexpectedly on 28 July while on holiday in Portugal. Below are some lightly edited excerpts from Marnix Kropp’s experiences as a diplomat. Angela Merkel received Mark…

AdjiedjBakas 10-8-22 (1)

The great impoverishment will lead to great political changes

The hyper-globalization, complex global supply chains and turbo-capitalism of the last 30 years have brought us a lot of good. Everything became cheaper, everything was abundantly available and everything was delivered quickly. Flying, shopping, food, oil, gas, services, you name it: plentiful and low priced. We were able to buy cheaply and through well-oiled…


Joe Biden moves money from climate to purchasing power

US President Joe Biden finally gets a climate bill through Congress. Don’t call it a climate law, though. At the urging of moderate Democrats, green subsidies have been eased and the package of measures, including health care cost-cutting, has been labeled the ‘inflation-cutting bill’. Inflation – 9 percent – ​​is now…

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