Pros and cons of Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is the app that fights food waste. It does this by offering ‘Magic Boxes’: a selection of products from a particular store. You don’t know which products they are, but you know that you are paying a low price for them because the products are about to expire. The app is hugely successful, but it’s definitely not perfect yet. Here are the pros and cons of Too Good To Go.

Advantage: you see how much CO2 you have saved

More than a billion tons of food is thrown away every year. A great shame, especially when you consider how much CO2 emissions all this costs unnecessarily. The Too Good To Go app has recently shown how much CO2 you’ve saved, and it feels good. You can also immediately see how much electricity this corresponds to and how many cups of hot coffee you could have made with that CO2 saving. It’s good that the company recently added this fairly new display, because it shows that you’re not only wasting less food, but also reducing emissions.

The downside: the menu is very cluttered

It’s an app where your eyes hurt a little every time. The menu is cluttered, sometimes the same items are listed three times under different headings, and the design doesn’t look very good either. You get a lot of texts and letters, often with messy pictures of full supermarkets or shopping baskets with all kinds of vegetables in them. Lots of color. It is especially difficult that there are so many different options: supermarkets, to put in your agenda, to collect now, Magic Boxes that meet your preferences, save before it is too late: sometimes you see the same companies so often, that it is a bit difficult to see the forest for the trees.

Benefit: you help prevent waste

A logical advantage because that’s what the app is made for. Whether you buy 10 peppers from the Turkish greengrocer to make soup or a pack of beer to give as a gift: Too Good To Go prevents waste and does it through you. You have delicious food at home that is still in good condition, while supermarkets and shops do not have to throw it away. Which is nice, because you buy new meals less quickly, which generally ensures a better distribution of the food. Maybe not so directly, but if you do a lot of Too Good To Go’t, then you definitely contribute to this.

Disadvantage: it is not equally suitable for every diet

Although some supermarkets offer vegan boxes and you can also state that you are vegetarian or even vegan, using the app is still a bit difficult. Who says you can’t accidentally get a ham croissant in a bread box? But if you state that you are a vegetarian, there is a good chance that you won’t get that bread box as an option at all. So it would be nice if more companies would offer different boxes based on a diet, especially vegans, who in general have often stopped eating animal products because of the world’s beliefs, are probably just people waiting for an anti-food waste app. It is only difficult to use in combination with some diets, because there are either unnecessary exclusions, or as a vegetarian you are afraid that you will have to throw food away. It is then extra problematic to throw meat away properly.

Advantage: you save a lot of money

Too Good To Go is a big hit with less fortunate families and students. The advantage is that you save a lot of money by buying such a Magic Box. Companies can put anything in it at the end of the day. In any case, you definitely get enough food for the money, but sometimes it’s even more than you could have dreamed of. Saving money is extra fun once you know which providers provide exactly what you like to eat (or spend). The app also tracks how much money you’ve already saved (based on the standard), so you can see how well you’re doing financially with the app.

Disadvantage: it is very time dependent

There are two timing issues, both of which are quite annoying. First of all, the deals just pop up and you happen to be online (and often sell out quickly). Second, and this is the biggest barrier, you also have to pick up food at a certain time of day. Leftovers from a local hotel’s breakfast buffet can often be picked up between 11am and 12pm, but supermarkets often don’t dispose of items until after 5pm. For example, you have to rush off work to make sure you pick up your Too Good To Go on time (and take it into account when planning meetings anyway).

Advantage: you can also use it abroad

Not many people know this, but Too Good To Go started in Denmark in 2016. It is therefore not a Dutch company, and it is therefore available in other countries. So maybe you could use a Magic Box in your holiday country. Belgium, Canada, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, France and Switzerland participate in Too Good To Go. So you definitely don’t have to fight food waste alone when you’re at home. It’s just nice to get to know new shops and new foods that way.

Cons: It’s not necessarily a meal

The goal of Too Good To Go is that, for example, a supermarket will try to put together a meal. This has often been tried, but it is not always a meal that you can make together with your Magic Box. It’s not a disaster: in some cases it’s even a bunch of flowers or a keg of beer, but that the app often talks about ‘saving meals’, it’s not quite right. In addition, you can often continue several meals with a bread box. So don’t expect to just eat Too Good To Go for dinner when you pick up your Magic Box. You often have to add a bit of yourself to it. On the other hand: if you take a look in your box, then if you are already in the supermarket to get your box, you can immediately send the message that you are still missing.

Advantage: you get to know new entrepreneurs

We have already written about it in the article on foreign purchases, but of course it also applies to the Netherlands. If you want to try the Turkish bakery on the corner, but you don’t really know where to start, a Magic Box is a very accessible way to get to know such a local entrepreneur. Maybe you didn’t even know there was a bakery so close, and thanks to the app, you’ll learn. In any case, no day is the same in Too Good To Go, a small entrepreneur can suddenly offer something special once, which makes it worth keeping a close eye on the app. Plus for all the other benefits we just mentioned. Have fun and enjoy your meal!

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