Bionext urges the government to come up with workable solutions with the farmers

Bionext is present today (18 August) at the meeting with Mr Remkes and members of the cabinet to participate in the nitrogen debate. Chain organization Bionext stands up for the interests of the entire organic farming and food sector. Where the organic farmers and growers (Biohuis), the organic trade and processors (BioNederland) and the organic specialist shops (Biowinkelvereniging) unite. Bionext supports its farmers (Biohuis) and the position taken by Biohuis in this discussion and urges the Cabinet to come to workable solutions with the farmers.

Michaël Wilde and Laurens Nuijten prior to the meeting.

Bionext’s position is as follows:

To produce food in cooperation with nature
Organic farming is a form of systemic farming based on four basic principles: Care, Ecology, Health and Justice. The organic farming and food sector has now grown into a mature, future-proof movement with a strong, reliable and international quality label (defined in European legislation) and a clear income model for the farmer. A form of agriculture that seeks cooperation with nature, and which is seen by experts and researchers as an important part of the solution when it comes to climate change and adaptation, food security, clean water, healthy soil, preservation of biodiversity and a fair income model for the farmer . It is not without reason that Europe is fully committed to organic in its Green Deal/Farm to Fork plans and is embraced by governments, retailers, NGOs and consumers.

Shared responsibility
As far as Bionext is concerned, the current and pressing challenges are not only a problem for farmers and policy makers. We as a society (and therefore especially chain parties) have a shared responsibility to solve these major challenges. As citizens and consumers, we must also play a far more constructive role by, for example, actively choosing organic products. In this way, we offer opportunities for farmers who want to take a more sustainable path. In short, government, supermarkets, chain parties, social organizations, educational institutions, banks, consumers, media, it’s up to us.

Nitrogen lock – Support for organic farmers
The Netherlands has been on a nitrogen lock for a number of years. The government’s intended plans are already having a major impact on the organic sector. About half of the organic farmers are located in areas with high reduction rates. These entrepreneurs and their families are already experiencing the financial, social and mental consequences of this. Our attention should be on how we can support these farmers to develop further and how they can lead their colleagues in this. If these farmers, ambassadors of a future-proof agricultural system, disappear, it would not only be a disaster for those affected, but it would also have a huge negative impact on the entire organic movement. In short, organic entrepreneurs cannot and must not become children of the nitrogen bill. Bionext therefore supports its farmers (Biohuis) and the position taken by Biohuis in this discussion and urges the Cabinet to come to workable solutions with the farmers.

Future-proof farming system based on values ​​and market perspective
As Bionext, we believe that the aforementioned principles of organic farming: Care, Ecology, Health and Fairness (ZEGE) form an important basis for a new robust agricultural and food system in the Netherlands. Zorg stands for a long-term vision, where food is produced within ‘planetary boundaries’ with healthy soil as a basis, so that we can also produce tasty and healthy food in 200 years. Ecology stands for a form of agriculture that seeks cooperation with nature. Health is about healthy farmers and consumers as part of a vital ecosystem. Honesty stands for a responsible chain and sincere economic and social appreciation certainly also stands for the role of the farmer.

By taking a shared responsibility and offering a healthy market perspective, we believe that an ecological perspective also follows a political perspective and also a social perspective. For example, we talk about opportunities instead of threats and it’s about connection instead of polarization.

Bionext supports the Green Farmers Plan.

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