3 tips for a healthy Christmas package

More and more people are looking for a healthy lifestyle.

Companies are also increasingly committed to raising awareness of healthy eating and sports among their employees. Some employers even offer a sports subscription or sports on the job. As an employer, you can also help your employees achieve their New Year’s resolutions at Christmas. You do that with a healthy Christmas package. We spoke to employees of three Christmas gift suppliers about the trend of healthy Christmas packages.

Vegetables, fruit and nuts in the Christmas package
Vegetables, nuts and fruit are increasingly central to a tasty Christmas package. Instead of sweets, some healthy Christmas balls are filled with dried fruit. Nuts replace crisps and vegetable juice adds vitamins to the Christmas package. “With healthy food, our customers can support their employees in their personal goals,” says Gemma of the Christmas package idea.

The Lena van Kerstpakket Webshop sees that employees also add more healthy products to their Christmas packages every year. “We offer a gift of your choice. The employees can put together their own Christmas packages based on our customers’ budget. And we notice that every year more vegetables, fruit and nuts are chosen.”

Jochem van Christmas packages Pro also offers healthy Christmas packages. “We see that our customers appreciate healthy options, such as nuts or fruit. We will of course agree to the question.”

But are you no longer allowed to enjoy a chip or candy at Christmas? “We also offer lots of tasty products in our Christmas packages, which are not healthy. So we always offer our customers the choice.”

Promote a healthy lifestyle with a sports package
Many employers find it important to motivate their employees to exercise more to prevent sickness absence. In addition, healthy employees feel better. And you could feel that in the productivity. A number of Christmas clothing suppliers therefore not only offer healthy Christmas packages with healthy food, but also with sports equipment.

“Our sporty Christmas suitcases are a big hit every year,” says Gemma from Christmas packages Idee, “especially during the pandemic, employers were happy to donate an activity Christmas package.”

Christmas gifts with boules, table tennis, dartboards, weights and bicycle items are just a few examples of the Christmas gifts employers can use to give their employees a boost.

Know what you eat
A healthy lifestyle nowadays also seems to include knowing what you eat. From fresh cooking packs to the vegetable gardens in Albert Heijn, we find it increasingly important to know where our food comes from.

We asked the employees of three Christmas hamper wholesalers how they consciously turn food into tasty and festive Christmas packages. “We offer a number of Christmas packages with articles for cooking and gardening yourself,” says Jochem from www.kerstpakket.pro.
Lena and Gemma also offer Christmas packages around conscious eating. “They are not our most popular Christmas gifts yet,” says Lena, “but the employees who receive these Christmas gifts are generally very positive about them.”

Do you want to encourage your employees to eat more consciously and maybe even introduce a new hobby? So choose Christmas packages with growing kits, baking supplies or cooking packages.

That’s why you must order all your healthy Christmas packages now
If you want to help your employees get off to a healthy start in 2023, there are plenty of healthy Christmas gifts to choose from. But you may now be wondering why you should even be thinking about it during the summer holidays. Your staff may still be on the beach, but the employees of Christmas gift suppliers are already busy designing Christmas packages, making appointments and processing orders.

Orders will arrive already in August. Lena, Gemma and Jochem also advised their customers to order as soon as possible. They are already feeling the consequences of the staff shortage.

“Of course, we are always busy around Christmas”, says Jochem, “There are always employers who wait until November to order Christmas packages. In the past, this meant that sometimes quite a few Christmas packages were already sold out. But this year we are afraid that by that time it will no longer be possible to deliver the orders on time.” The lack of staff at carriers and packaging companies means that almost all Christmas gift wholesalers give their customers the same advice: order your Christmas packages as soon as possible. And ideally get the packages delivered in mid-December.

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