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Flevoland | 18 August 2022


“I am very curious. It is the first time in Lelystad that we are organizing this, I hope that many children will make use of this opportunity.¨ Helene van ‘t Hoen works at Art and Culture Center De Kubus in Lelystad and from that position she is a producer for Cultuur @ Cruyff Courts. “We want to show all children in Lelystad what fantastic activities there are in the city. And hopefully sparks will fly. That is of course the goal!”

Lelystad has a lot to offer in the cultural area. But not everyone can find everything. “That’s why Kubus organizes ongoing activities, where we connect supply and demand with the help of the Youth Foundation, among other things.” Helene van ‘t Hoen gives the project as an example Experience your own cultural city. “Students in youth education go by bicycle to various cultural institutions. In this way, they discover what Lelystad has to offer. They follow a light and sound workshop in the theater and they start painting with an artist in his studio. And there is more to discover in Lelystad. Children can, for example, work with a 3D printer in a studio or follow an airbrush course. These are also activities that not everyone knows about. In this way, we hope to inspire and excite. With the aim, of course, that children then sign up for a workshop or a course. This is also the intention of our collaboration with the Johan Cruyff Foundation and the Sport & Culture Youth Foundation. To reach precisely those children who have difficulty finding their way to the cultural centers.”

on the street

The Art and Culture Center De Kubus has long wanted to be more visible in the neighbourhoods. “So for Cultuur@CruyffCourts we sought cooperation with the welfare workers in the neighborhood and we talked to children on the street and told them about the possibilities of participating in the field. We have chosen three afternoons before the summer holidays and three immediately after the summer. Sports and culture clubs in particular have just finished or not yet started, so we jump into a hole. We are trying to reach the parents with flyers, and we have emailed all 38 schools in Lelystad about the activities.”

Four creative expressions

Cultuur@CruyffCourts Lelystad 2022This first year, the workshops are on and near one field; Cruyff Court Aron Winter Field. Maybe it will be possible in the future at more Cruyff Courts in the city. This year there are four workshops on a series of Wednesday afternoons where children can participate. “We start with four different creative expressions; dance, music, spatial and drawing. We think we can excite many children with that. For example, after the summer we will also offer ceramics with individual turntables. Really literally with your hands in the clay. Create something with your hands. It remains magical. We will also do a large sidewalk painting, with paint made from chalk. Each time there is an outdoor workshop where everyone, including parents, can sit down all afternoon to tinker and discover with technology. Mediators from the Youth Foundation are also present in the afternoons to make contact with the parents and children. They can help from the Youth Foundation when children want to continue, but the contribution is an obstacle. It is important that they make the connection with the children and that the parents know that financial support is possible. The parents are therefore still the key when it comes to follow-up. But in the afternoon itself, the children are central. They must have fun and experience new things.”

Happy to walk out the door

“For me, the project would have been a success if children were introduced to an activity before the summer and then returned after the summer for a new series. If they leave happy and perhaps want to sign up for a follow-up with a provider in Lelystad. But especially if they have discovered something new about themselves. Then I am a happy person.” What Helene would most like to have in the follow-up phase is a kind of strip card for a year of various creative, cultural activities. “A kind of study course where children can get to know a very versatile range of products. Children are still so open. They are still curious and absorb everything. Hopefully there will be something that touches them, something that connects. You are always looking for the passion and the talent. If you can take advantage of that, preferably at a young age, then you can give someone something valuable for life.”

Come and see us on Wednesday 31st August when world champion Groundmoves and ambassador Nasser El Jackson will open. See the program here:

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Photo: Shot By Sylla.

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