What can you do in Friesland this weekend? Five tips for fun excursions

Take a walk through the Mini Simmer Fair in Stiens, break the vault at the Fries Agricultural Museum, listen to singer-songwriters in the Prinsentuin, take a look at Theun de Vries book day in Feanwâlden or visit the Turfvaartdagen in Appelscha.

Stroll over the Mini Swimming Fair

In the garden at Anne-Famkes Pleats in Stiens is Sunday from 11.00 to 18.00 a fair with fifteen stalls selling unique, often homemade and local products.

A selection of the exhibitors: unique slippers made of 100% natural rubber, handmade stone hearts, handmade wooden products, clocks made of vinyl, colorful lights, everything for the baby, unique doll clothes, railway beer and much more. During the fair there will be live music by Koester and snacks and drinks.

Crack the safe at the Frisian Agricultural Museum

Do you want to crack the safe at the Frisian Agricultural Museum? So make a scavenger hunt, solve eight problems and find the correct code. The museum in Leeuwarden offers all sorts of fun things to accompany the exhibition 100% wool to take care. Learn where wool comes from, what it is made of and get started with it yourself.

You can see the sheep walking on dykes and in meadows. Their wool is usually no longer used, even though it is a natural material with unique properties. Still, most of the wool from 800,000 Dutch sheep is sent as waste or ends up in the incinerator. The exhibition 100% wool shows the history and future of wool as a valuable material for industry, construction, new designers and anyone who wants to contribute to a sustainable world.

The Prince’s Garden Concert: Troubadour Treffen

Prinsentuinen in Leeuwarden is once again full of singer-songwriters this year. There is a program on Sunday with TAMAR, Orion Walsh, Joe Buck and Jankobus Seunnenga. TAMAR leads the way and makes poetic pop songs with stories about everyday life. Singer and well-traveled troubadour Orion Walsh from Nebraska (USA) celebrates all the beauty that our world has to offer.

With music full of honesty and emotion, Joe Buck writes and sings songs that are pure and close to the heart. Last autumn he was the youngest candidate on the TV programme Dear singers. Word artist Jankobus Seunnenga has been producing LPs, singles and CDs since the eighties. The winner of the Ina Damman prize 2022 now comes with his poetry collection whetstone, including poems set to music.

Theun de Vries book day

Below Theun de Vries book day in the Feanwâlden cultural center De Schierstins holds a Saturday book market and appraisals of various objects from prehistoric times to the 20th century. The traditional book market is held between 10.00 and 17.00, traditional storyteller Douwe Kootstra tells folk tales from around the world and there is music by a clarinet group. Handyman Lútzen Haak and archaeologist Evert Kramer will be present between 10:00 and 15:00 to assess various objects.

If you visit Theun de Vries book day, there are also a number of exhibitions to see: the textile exhibition Life in the garden with ponds, plants and insects of textiles, the historical The last Frisian tower castle and the Theun de Vries room, which displays the authorship of the author born in Feanwâlden in 1907.

Peat sailing days at Vaart in Appelscha

After a four year absence Peat sailing days back in Appelscha. From Friday evening to Sunday, you step back in time in this center of the Drents-Friese Wold and you can taste the atmosphere of the past.

On Friday evening there is the arrival of the ships, on Saturday there are many children’s activities and on Sunday, in addition to old Dutch games and radio-controlled model boats, there are also tjalks and eel sales. See authentic ships from all over the country, including museum ships, opduwers, skûtsjes, prams and tugboats. You can also expect living statues, street theater and food trucks.

You can find more excursions at lc.nl/uitagenda.

You can register for an event via uitservice.nl.

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