strolling and flirting and waiting for the Arctic Monkeys

On day 2 in the Lowlands the weather was brilliant again. It was fun, it was fun, but the not-so-spectacular music program sometimes seemed like a long prelude to the Arctic Monkeys performance.

Peter van Brummelen

Previously, Dutch music at Dutch festivals had to make do with a place on the smaller stages. It’s over for good. At Lowlands 2022, homemade music is a big crowd puller.

After the reunited hip-hop duo Opposites lured virtually all festival-goers to Alpha late Friday night, the Goldband trio from The Hague does exactly the same on the main Lowlands stage early Saturday afternoon.

The Opposites attracted almost all visitors to Alpha on Friday night.Image ANP / ANP

The three former polishers immediately turn it into a big party. They combine hip-hop and dance in their music, but in the hit Emergency you also hear echoes of the Dutch pop music of the eighties.

Not only Emergency sing along en masse; the audience seems to know all of Goldband’s lyrics by heart. It sounds nice especially in The longest night, a song from the era of lockdowns. Back then nothing was allowed, now everything is allowed in the Lowlands, well, almost everything.

Karel Gerlach, one of the three singers in Goldband.  Image ANP / ANP

Karel Gerlach, one of the three singers in Goldband.Image ANP / ANP

music fanatics

After Friday’s rain, the sun shines again on the lowland’s second day. The music program is not particularly spectacular, especially in the afternoon, but the audience doesn’t seem to mind. Gone are the days when Lowlands visitors came primarily for the music.

The current crowd comes primarily for the Lowlands itself, the event. People are here to stroll, eat, drink (and also take drugs), chat, hang out, flirt, socialize with friends and meet new people.

All fine and dandy, of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes you miss them, the fanatical music lovers who trotted from tent to tent with block plan in hand, afraid to miss a single note of music.

Satirical news platform The stick reported at the weekend about a woman who, after days of gossiping at the campsite, found out that there are also musical performances at the Lowlands. Good and funny joke, but it comes from somewhere.

arctic monkeys

Saturday’s music program may seem like a long prelude to the late evening performance by Arctic Monkeys, today’s headliner, there is plenty to find interesting for the enthusiast.

For example, the American Remi Wolf makes funky pop with a nice nineties vibe. Wolf, a tomboy-like appearance who was once a promising skier, can be seen at a festival. She makes good jokes and has a lot of fun with her band members, but in the meantime she sings and raps like the best. The woman has a soul. And humor.

The Canadian BadBadNotGood is more of an act for North Sea Jazz (where the group was earlier this year), but also impresses here with jazz that is not averse to rock and hip-hop. The music from Togo All Stars is festive and exciting. Suddenly, the audience in Lima and the surrounding area swing strongly to West African music. On a.

American Jack Harlow is a star in the making and appears to already have a significant following in the Lowlands.  Picture ANP

American Jack Harlow is a star in the making and appears to already have a significant following in the Lowlands.Picture ANP

Rapper Jack Harlow really brings a lot of people to their feet on the Bravo in the late afternoon. The American is a star in the making and seems to already have a sizeable following here at the Lowlands. Harlow is from Kentucky and is white, but doesn’t have the gruff southern accent you’d expect.

‘Southern’ is his mostly laid back style of rapping. Alone on the stage of the huge Bravo, he manages to win the audience with apparent ease. It could be big, yes.

More on Arctic Monkeys later.

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