You can see these twelve bands for free on Noorderzon

Noorderzon is back again. With a large and freely accessible concert program, without last summer’s mandatory seats or one and a half meter distance rules. We list the music. The concerts are all at a quarter past 10 in the evening on the Apollo stage (near the music dome).

Thursday 18 August – Al-Qasar

The heat wave is over, but the uplifting music of this French-American band will undoubtedly make you sweat. If you enjoyed the performances of Altin Gün (2017) and Omar Souleyman (2018) at the pond, you should not miss Al-Qasar. They call their style ‘Arabian Fuzz’. A sixties surf rock soundtrack with raw frayed edges and inevitable North African influences.

Friday 19 August – Sinead O’Brien

Spoken-word post-punk drowned in a bottle of Irish whiskey. Another throwback, but in this case to the 70s. The Irish poet is making great progress. Last month she had great success at the famous Glastonbury festival. You have to be able to handle it: poetry to music. But if Patti Smith was your childhood hero, Sinead O’Brien is just as good.

Saturday 20th August – David Keenan

Ireland again, but in the form of a lovely troubadour. Saturday will not be an evening to flatten the grass in the Noorderplantsoen. But to enjoy fine adventurers with a nice beer in hand.

Sunday, August 21 – HANGE

Open your third eye if you dare. A big bang, a sand globe, four oversized garden gnome beings with musical instruments step out of a piece of porcini mushroom, look at each other blearily, share a milkshake and play psych-trip-prog-techno-rock. This is how (as evidenced by my extensive geohistorical research) the band HANGE was born. On Sunday they will be in Noorderplantsoen.

Monday 22nd August – Minyo Crusaders

Folk+Reggae+Latin+Funk+Bolero+Groove based on traditional Japanese music. The musical style of Minyo Crusaders becomes clear when you listen to their (only) album on Spotify. They make folk music (Min’yō) and pour a worldly sauce over it. ‘We want the music, which has acquired a somewhat snobbish image, give back to the dancing, drinking, working people .’

Tuesday 23 August – Togo All Stars

Tuesday is dance day. The music of this 8-piece band turns every beer in a kilometer radius into a tropical cocktail (with umbrella). It is Afrobeat, funk and traditional African music mixed together. I think that says it all. Shake your hips and stomp your feet.

Wednesday 24 August – Donny Benét

‘The Don’ with the moustache. Is it synthpop? Is it disco funk? Is it the soundtrack to one new children spin-off series set in 1980s Miami Beach? Yes. Australian artist Donny Benét, with his mustache and his danceable Italodisco, is a wonderful performance to start a sweaty summer Wednesday night.

Thursday 25 August – The weather station

From one side of the world to the other. Tamara Lindeman is the Canadian singer and author of The Weather Station. A little country and bluegrass, a touch of jazz here and there, a little singer-songwriter and a touch of punk in the lyrics. It is an enchanting combination that you should not miss.

Friday, August 26 – Prince S. and De Geit

They’re from The Hague, they make music that really blows your mind, and they’re not Goldband. Hi! So Prince S. and De Geit. Don’t let the sweet name fool you, because the music is loud. And freaky. They say it themselves on their new single Guest List: ‘Because if you don’t come in, you don’t belong’.

Saturday 27 August – The bear vultures

None this Saturday fusion of musical styles. Nothing in the mix. Just jazz, but from the top shelf. This trio from Belgium has already performed at North Sea Jazz and Trondheim Jazzfest. They also appeared at Eurosonic Noorderslag. Then you had to pay to see them. Now it’s completely free to enjoy for one hour.

Sunday 28 August – Anna B Savage, Meindert Talma and Freek de Jonge

For the record: these three do not occur at the same time. Let yourself be enchanted by Anna B Savage’s warm voice and sensitive songs at 5:30 p.m.

Then, at 20:30, Meindert Talma and Freek de Jonge close the festival. They both need no introduction. This time Talma brings her songs The Domela passion to listen. And Freek de Jonge acts as the narrator.

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