Cultural breeding ground HAL 25 is giving away its keys!

ALKMAAR – Have you always dreamed of a fantastic place where you can organize a theatrical boxing match, hold a 72-hour movie marathon or set up a 14,000m3 diorama? And then also receive money for the realization? HAL 25 is that place, and we’re looking for you and your megalomaniac ideas.

HAL 25 in Alkmaar is looking for innovative, distinctive and artistic projects that will completely take over our fertile ground for a few days and that complement the city’s cultural offer.

What is HALL 25?

HAL 25 has been Alkmaar’s cultural breeding ground for 12 years. A large warehouse with a floor area of ​​2000m2 and a maximum capacity of 1000 visitors. Located near the station, it is a place for a very diverse crowd; from young to old, from beer lovers to art lovers. HAL 25 offers space for culture and experiments. Various artists have their workshops on site.

Who are we looking for?

Makers of all disciplines, both collectives and companies as individual decision makers. That means filmmakers, musicians, DJs, but also visual artists, writers, dancers, theater makers and performers.

What are we looking for?

A theatrical boxing match, a 72-hour movie marathon, a 14,000 m3 diorama, you decide. Publicly oriented performances, experiences or exhibitions that supplement the existing cultural offer in the city. This can be a new work or an idea, but also a production that has not yet been in Alkmaar or is being adapted to our location.

We are looking for projects that make optimal use of the possibilities in HAL 25. So think big.


A committee of 4 people from art and marketing makes a selection based on the following criteria:

* The artistic and business/financial quality of the plan: Is it innovative and interesting? Does it supplement the city’s cultural offer? Is it achievable?

* The creator’s understanding of our specific location and population, and ideas of how to relate or respond to them.

* PR and communication: how to reach existing and new target groups? How is the project communicated?

* Diversity in educational background and portfolio of the 4 creators/collectives. We prefer to put together a mix of different art disciplines from different corners of the country.

* Potentially sustainable contribution of this producer to the cultural offer in Alkmaar

How do we get to work?

* Write your plan on maximum 3 A4 where you take over HAL 25 with a live, special, alienating, experimental or important public experience. You give a creative impulse to the vibrancy and diversity of the city. Please also indicate when you will be available for the performance between November 2022 – August 2023. Include CVs for key cast members.

* Submit your plan by September 16 at the latest.

* In the week of September 26, we will invite a few decision makers for an introduction and a conversation about the plan.

* We will select 4 plans by October 14 at the latest. Once selected, you will receive an amount of €2500 towards your artistic costs (further possible based on your budget). The profit from ticket sales is also yours. If necessary, you can supplement this yourself with additional funds.

* In addition, we offer you the use of our location, our people and our assets. We think with you and are available during the implementation. You may use and/or implement all facilities in HAL. This means our technology, sets and props, catering, mini cinema and workshop de Kunstfabriek.

* In total, HAL is at your disposal for 3 days. This includes construction and dismantling.

* You organize an experience that is publicly available to the public. Determining the entrance fee is done in consultation and depends on your plan. The experience is not dangerous or discriminatory.

what do you get from us?

* 1 week of exclusive use of the De Kunstfabriek workshop for possible preparation and construction.

* 3 days exclusive use of HAL 25, including your build and take down.

* Where necessary, support in the development of a financing plan, communication plan and organizational plan.

* Exchange with other creators for inspiration and collaboration

* Implementation of HAL 25 socials, website and ticket sales system

* Deployment of technician, technique, props and location manager during execution

More info

Do you want to know more about HAL 25? Check out our website or through our socials.

Send your plan by September 16 to We will announce the election by October 14 at the latest. To ask? Send an email to the manufacturer

HAL 25 TAKE OVER is made possible in part by the province of Noord-Holland and the KBC Fund.

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