Monumental housing Molenkolkweg in Steenderen renovated


The past as a point of departure

By Richard Stegers

The homes at Molenkolkweg 12-34 in Steenderen are nominated for the Bronckhorst Monument Prize 2022, as is the historic complex De Oude Vos in Wichmond. The winner will be announced on 30 August and the award ceremony will take place on 7 September at 20:00 during the opening meeting of Open Heritage Days in Remigiuskerk in Hengelo Gld. The heritage days are 10 and 11 September.

STEENDEREN/DOETINCHEM – The monumental tenements on Molenkolkweg in Steenderen date from 1948. They breathe history, which is reflected in the detailing and appearance. Still, residents don’t have to make concessions for comfort. The homes were stylishly renovated last year on behalf of owner Sité Woondiensten. The prestigious project resulted in a nomination for the Bronckhorst Monument Prize.

Luc Löverink, project manager for property development at Sité Woundiensten, was delighted when the nomination became known. “We’re certainly proud of that. It’s a lot of recognition. Not just for us. Because the project has primarily been a beautiful combination. Everyone has contributed. It’s about letting partners do what they’re good at. It certainly worked in this coincidence.” Löverink refers to the various parties involved, such as Architektengroep Gelderland, Van Wijnen Bouw, Gelders Genootschap, the tenants and Sité Woondiensten itself.

The workers’ housing with a deep backyard was built in 1948 according to the Delft School, as a reaction to the Amsterdam School. Simplicity and good harmony formed the basis. The use of brick, wide frames and high gutters were important features of that style period. The architect in Steenderen was Cornelis Nap from Arnhem. It concerns six blocks of a total of twelve semi-detached houses. “Our home is renovated every 25 to 30 years. It was Molenkolkweg’s turn last year. The major intervention was well prepared, as it concerns municipal memorials. That had to be carefully taken into account,” explains Löverink. Therefore, the Gelders Genootschap was closely involved in the plans. Because of its monumental status, there were restrictions. For example, the layout of the houses was not to be changed. Insulation of the roof even had to be done from the inside. When insulating the dormer windows, the challenge was to maintain the beautiful slim appearance. “Two houses still had many original elements inside which also needed maintenance.”

History and


go hand

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The project will be completed in 2021. History and comfort had to go hand in hand. In addition to renewing the kitchen, bathroom and toilet, the intention was to bring back old functions. The past therefore served as a starting point for restoring and making the homes more sustainable. A good picture was obtained on the basis of old construction drawings and historical photos. The distribution of bars in the windows has been reduced, and new front doors have been installed in the old style. The dormer windows were fitted with Trespa sheets and are now well insulated with zinc cladding. It gives a nice picture.

The grouting was repaired, new roof tiles and rainwater drains were fitted and the houses were painted. Walls and roofs were insulated, and the residents could also choose solar cells on the rear roofs, so that they are barely or not visible from the public road. As a result, eight of the twelve homes now have four solar panels. Mechanical ventilation is used.

“As a result of all the measures, social rental housing has become much more sustainable,” states the project manager. “It was the energy label E/F, and now it’s about A or B.” The investment amounts to more than one ton per House. “We want to offer our tenants good homes that are ready for the future.” The residents pay a slightly higher rent after the intervention, but with average use this is offset by significant energy savings. “As it concerns public housing, they stay below the limit so that the housing allowance is not jeopardized. As a result, affordable housing that is completely up to date. Everyone is happy with the result.”

Monument price
In 2019, the municipality awarded a monument award for the first time to the owner of a municipal monument. The winner was De Eekschuur in Hummelo. In 2020, the owner of Coop’s mill in Zelhem took the honor and in 2021 the award went to the former café shop Kraantje Lek in Olburgen. The award is intended as an appreciation for good and responsible maintenance and restoration of municipal memorials or state monuments. Bronckhorst is one of the largest monument municipalities in the Netherlands, with no fewer than 800 national and municipal monuments within the municipal boundaries.

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