Bold Future Award Veuve Clicquot: who is Amélie Alleman, founder of Betuned?

  • Can you introduce yourself and briefly explain your background before starting your business?

I have been an entrepreneur in recruitment and selection since I was 26. I have been Simon’s mum for a few months now. I’m passionate, I dare and I’m a bit of a dreamer. I like challenges and pushing myself. I do a lot of sports, especially running, which allows me to take a step back but also manage my stress.

After a Master’s in Business Communication and a first experience with team management, I was employed as a recruiter at an American consulting firm. I quickly realized that I had found my calling. Four promotions and a year and a half later, I quit my job to start my first recruiting firm. I wanted to create my own job and be able to reinvent my profession.

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After helping to found and grow Akros Solutions – I received the award for best female junior entrepreneur from Trends – and Akros Europe, I decided to sell everything to a large Belgian consulting company. I wanted to keep innovating and adding value in what I am passionate about, recruitment. I also found that I liked the startup phase of a business, the development of the project. I then decided in 2019 to found Betuned, an HR Tech startup reinventing the meeting between candidates looking for meaning and companies looking for talent.

I have invested in several digital startups and am also a board member. This way I can continue to learn and share my experiences. I started entrepreneurship at a very young age to develop my own job and discovered a real lifestyle. Today I want to pass on my passion and convince more women to take the leap and dare to dream… because anything is possible if you give yourself the means!

  • What does your company consist of? What is the purpose of it and what is your role in it?

Betuned reinvents the meeting between candidates in search of meaning and companies in search of talent. Candidates are looking for more than a job, they want to know more about the company’s culture, values, atmosphere and management before they apply; and companies are looking for talent, a personality that matches their culture and values.

I have developed an innovative video recruitment and digital marketing solution. Videos replace the old descriptive jobs. We reveal the DNA of the job and the recruitment company in a direct and authentic way. Next, we focus on the best talent on social networks. An artificial intelligence tool is used to select the best candidates, combined with an interview by an experienced recruiter. In addition, we offer strategic advice to help companies better define their employer brand. We help them easily answer the question: “Why work for your company and not for your competitor for the same salary?”

We innovate where we can add value. The world is changing and employment must change too! We test a lot and launch the service when we see that it can meet a need. For example, we are currently launching recruitment via TikTok, the ability to make podcasts to reach candidates in a different way, etc.

My role is broad. As an entrepreneur, I develop the company at all levels. I determine the vision where we will innovate. I lead and develop the team, marketing, communication, guiding the projects, the financial aspect, looking for new clients… I do a little bit of everything, and if I can afford it financially, I create new opportunities.

  • What have you done to reinvent traditions and develop the existing market?

Recruiting as I’ve known it for 15 years isn’t changing much. The idea of ​​Betuned took me several years to figure out before it was ready. I was inspired by other domains to develop a new approach at the intersection of recruitment, communication agency, marketing and IT.

I made job offers innovative via video. I activate them through digital marketing campaigns, we select the best profiles through an artificial intelligence tool based on purely objective criteria and a recruiter from a human point of view. We also support clients in defining and implementing their employer brand and are launching new services this autumn to provide a global approach. We will not only offer our clients career sites, but also subscriptions to communicate on social networks, thus keeping their company culture and DNA alive!

  • What does it mean to you to be a ‘fat woman’ in the working world?

When I became an entrepreneur, I didn’t have a female role model to inspire me. I thought it was possible and decided to go into entrepreneurship. It’s a lifestyle that can be tough, but it’s so exciting that I can’t see myself doing anything else. I am lucky enough to get up in the morning and do the projects that motivate me. I want to show other women that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and give yourself the means to achieve it. You have to work hard, you have to persevere and be persistent, but anything is possible if you give yourself the means. I want to help other women believe in themselves and find the courage to achieve their dreams.

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