Art Center Haarlem opens the cultural season

Kunst Centrum Haarlem opens the cultural season with two new exhibitions. From September 1, Haarlem cityscapes by six different artists can be seen. And on September 9, the smallest museum in Haarlem will be filled with the collection of pens from Haarlemmer Johan Booij.

Haarlem from different points of view

In the exhibition ‘City of Fantasy, Haarlem 6x different’, 6 artists show Haarlem from different points of view. The two Haarlem artists Stefan de Groot and Herman van Gelder are presenting their work for the first time in Kunst Centrum Haarlem. Plein Air works by Herman van Gelder can be seen. Herman paints almost every week in the open somewhere in Haarlem and the surrounding area.

He makes quick little oil paintings, scenes that catch his eye. Haarlem multimedia artist Stefan de Groot also walks through the city and draws. He mainly looks up. He prepares his sketches on the iPad, and those paintings are then printed on metal.

Known and loved in art lending

The four other participants are known from the art library. Sander van Walsum’s contemporary paintings are unique in their use of color. Sander made a series of new works of unusual locations in Haarlem. Jeroen Hermkens’ lithographs are very popular and are always on loan. On the occasion of this exhibition, Jeroen delved into his dresser to see which Haarlem cityscapes he still has.

Arthur Martin is also known from Kunst Centrum Haarlem. Four of his pictures from the Haarlem ’10 series have now been framed and can be admired again in a contemporary way. The photo collages by Welmoed Schmidt are always fascinating. She made two different cityscapes from Haarlem, where there is much to discover.

The city of fantasy, Haarlem 6x different

With work by Herman van Gelder, Stefan de Groot, Arthur Martin, Jeroen Hermkens, Welmoed Schmidt and Sander van Walsum

  • 1 September – 22 October 2022
  • Open from Wednesday to Saturday from 11:00 to 17:00
  • Gedempte Oude Gracht 117-121, Haarlem

Pens, pens, pens and more pens

This time, part of the collection of pens from Haarlemmer Johan Booij can be seen at the smallest museum in Haarlem. It’s a small part of his collection of over 125,000 pens! Johan Booij is a really passionate collector. He has pens of all shapes and sizes, crazy shapes and weird sizes. Pens with a candle, a tape measure, a knife, a puzzle and a lighter.

And also pens issued for special occasions such as the series of pens for the celebration of Haarlem 750 years. He has built a floor in his home in Haarlem-Nord: a pen house. Johan says about his collection: “Although there are many different models and also very expensive pens, there are requirements to include a pen in my collection: it must be advertised, the intention must be to write with it. and the pen is not yet in my collection.

Sometimes companies release a whole series of pens and then it is a challenge to finish that series. The municipality of Haarlem has issued a series of pens on the occasion of its 750th anniversary. I don’t know how many there are, so I don’t know if my series is finished’.

Johan Booij’s passion: pens

  • Haarlem’s smallest museum
  • 9 September – 31 October 2022
  • Gedempte Oude Gracht 119, which can be seen 24/7 from the sidewalk.

Art Center Haarlem

The smallest museum in Haarlem presents a unique collection of famous or lesser known Haarlem residents 5 times a year. The museum is part of Art Centrum Haarlem and accessible 24 hours a day from the sidewalk.

Kunst Centrum Haarlem is the art library of the Kennemerland region and has a collection of approximately 5000 works of art. In addition to the art loan, Kunst Centrum Haarlem presents ongoing exhibitions and arranges meetings with artists. The exhibitions are always free to enter. The art center also has a shop with design and useful items.

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