Bas van Driel succeeds Gerard Versteegh as CEO of Tradin Organic

Tradin Global Organic Ingredients announces that Bas van Driel has joined Tradin Organic on August 15, 2022. He will lead the company as CEO from September 1, 2022, succeeding long-term CEO Gerard Versteegh, who will remain in an active advisory role.

Bas van Driel at the Tradin Organic headquarters in Amsterdam.

Gerard helped Tradin grow in the 1990s from being a trading company in the burgeoning natural food market to the world leader in the organic market that it is today. Tradin now runs many sustainable procurement projects worldwide, owns several processing facilities and supplies some of the world’s biggest brands and retailers. Together, these supply chain partners have a huge impact, from improving soil health and biodiversity, farmers’ incomes and climate resilience to increasing the availability of sustainable products. Under Gerard’s leadership, Tradin has expanded its organic base and is now pioneering regenerative, agroforestry and fair labor practices, offering a wealth of certified, traceable ingredients. Gerard will remain active inside and outside the company in his advisory role.

“It has been an honor to have founded and led Tradin over the past decades,” said Gerard. “With the company’s strong foundation, highly committed management and teams across the company, I am confident that the new management will continue to build on our successes and take the company to the next level. What we have achieved at Tradin, I most proud of. of our commitment to our ideals, our incredibly dedicated team and our extensive global network of suppliers, processors and partners. These attributes make us a strong partner in the organic food industry today. have never been in a better position, and I look forward to seeing the next phase of growth unfold and working towards success in my advisory role to the group.”

Incoming CEO Bas van Driel has spent the last 16 years working with food and pharmaceutical ingredients and has built extensive international expertise in marketing, sales, trading and operations. For the past seven years, Bas has been CEO of DFE Pharma, a global market leader in pharmaceutical ingredients. With his in-depth knowledge of specialty and value-added raw materials and his personal mission to make a global impact on health as a driven, passionate and creative business leader, Bas is a natural choice to lead the Tradin team to further growth.

On LinkedIn, Bas introduces himself in a short question-and-answer conversation.

Welcome, Bass! What brought you to Tradin?
“It is my passion to be involved in companies and to work with people who have a significant positive impact on the well-being of people, animals and nature. I am sincerely impressed with Tradin Organic as one of the founders and frontrunners in organic food worldwide. I am honored to lead Tradin Organic in their pursuit to make our world a better place now and especially in the future.”

What is your vision for the coming years?
“There is a huge market opportunity for organic and responsibly sourced ingredients. It has never been clearer that regenerative and organic agriculture is key to keeping our soil healthy and productive, to ensure the availability of food in the future. and retailers are setting ambitious goals of being carbon neutral and taking due care in their supply chain. I believe Tradin is in a unique position to help achieve these goals and drive a resilient food system. There are global challenges that we also face facing, but it is the strong roots, network and experience that Tradin has built up over decades that will enable us to thrive and grow in the coming years.”

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