Reurle Live experiences the last edition for the time being with ‘The best of’


Laura Temmink and Rob Hulshof ‘carry’ the forces behind the musical celebration

By Jan Hendriksen

RUURLO – Since March this year, the last Reurle Live has been rehearsing hard every Friday night in the café Nijenhuis, converted into a rehearsal room, on the corner of Batsdijk and Tolhutterweg. A repertoire from the previous Reurle Live has been collected sessions under the motto ‘The best from Reurle Live’. This guarantees a varied evening of music. Hits from 2022 have also been added to the programme, so there is something for everyone at Blikmansweiden on Thursday evening 8 September, the opening night of Septemberfeesten 2022.

Many Ruurloërs have contributed to Reurle Live over the years. Again this year, there are new, surprising faces on the scene, so it’s no wonder that this event attracts many local visitors. The organizers expect a full tent for this fantastic musical evening with Reurlsen for Reurle with free entrance as well.
An event like Reurle Live can only be arranged if enough local artists and musicians are willing to practice together for a few months. And it has happened again this year. A couple of excellent musicians, a group of surprising singers and a horn section that knows their stuff. These are the ingredients for this Reurle Live, which was announced as the last one for the time being.
Such an event is of course not possible without some ‘supporting forces’. In the run-up to the fifth edition of Reurle Live, we meet two of the people who have been involved in Reurle Live (almost) since the first edition in 2014, namely Laura Temmink and Rob Hulshof.

– Who are Laura Temmink and Rob Hulshof?
Laura Temmink: “I am a 25-year-old woman who does not like to sit still. This is evident from my everyday life. I work part-time as a social worker and care coordinator at GGMD for the deaf, hard of hearing and people with hearing loss. In addition, I am in the process of my second and third higher vocational education, namely the Dutch Sign Language Interpreter and Dutch Sign Language teacher. Besides my hobby of singing, which unfortunately I only do with Reurle Live, I try to be in the gym three times a week to stay healthy, fit and feel good about myself. A glass of wine or a festival from time to time also makes me happy.”
Rob Hulshof: “As a born Borculoër, I came to live in Ruurlo in 2009. The move was because of my job in Lochem, where I still work. I then returned to the Achterhoek after eight years in Nijmegen. It was no coincidence that I came to live in Ruurlo. I already had a positive impression of Ruurlo because of the Ruurlo band Real Time, which I played with back then.”

– How did you get involved in Reurle Live?
Laura Temmink: “The first year of Reurle Live is a long time ago. At the time I was still living with my parents and my mother referred me to a newspaper article. You can register yourself by sending an e-mail to Peter Tesselaar about whether you sing or what instrument you play. With sweaty armpits from nerves, I registered with some encouragement from my parents. I was 16 years old when I competed for the first time in 2013.”
Rob Hulshof: “In 2013 I was asked to play bass guitar at the first edition of Reurle Live, because most rehearsals could not come with a bassist. In the first edition, we finally had enough bass players and I played the opening number on trombone. For the 2014 edition, I was asked to join the Music Committee, to which I (of course) said ‘yes’. That year I took on general musical direction. I really enjoyed doing this because it allowed me to transfer all my musical experience to others. For the Reurle Live editions of 2015, 2017 and 2020/2022 I was asked to do this again. That’s how I became both bass guitarist and musical director at Reurle Live. For this latest edition, I once again made an effort to ensure that everyone knows what is expected of him or her. Once the songs are chosen and I have searched for the right MP3 files, this will be distributed among the participants. Nodes are not always available or usable. Therefore, I have to find out myself. For most participants this is the text with a chord chart, but wind musicians need sheet music with sheet music. Printing is very time consuming. Over the years I have composed many songs myself. In addition, a lot of time was spent on exercises and everything about what needs to be done. If music wasn’t (and still is) such a big hobby for me, I don’t think I would have followed through with this.”

– Is music your greatest passion?
Laura Temmink: “Music is definitely one of my biggest passions. Sometimes I regret not doing much about it. For me, singing is something that makes me happy, where I can express my feelings and something I share with my father. What many people don’t know about me is that I really enjoy a drive with my dad, where we put the music on full volume and we sing along to the lyrics. After all, André Hazes is one of our favorites.”
Rob Hulshof: “See answer above”

– What is your contribution to Reurle Live this year?
Laura Temmink: “This year has been different for me than previous years. In previous years I have only sung under the guidance of different singing coaches. Unfortunately, the committee and the participants of Reurle Live have not been able to find a suitable singing coach this year. The lack of a vocal coach and a very busy committee arranged for me to take on the vocal part. There are a lot of rules behind it: distribution of voices, selection of songs, planning extra rehearsal nights, etc. Fortunately, we have really good singers at Reurle Live, so we will make it a success this year without a vocal coach.”
Rob Hulshof: “See answer above.”

– Which edition of Reurle Live do you have the best memory(s) of?
Laura Temmink: “It was the first year I sang a song by Anouk. The first time I could really enjoy being on stage, when the pleasure surpassed the nerves. But actually I have good memories from all editions. In the five editions, I have seen many people come and go, meet many beautiful people and learn a lot from everyone about singing and making music together.”
Rob Hulshof: “The previous editions of Reurle Live were all beautiful to me; each with its own story. Yet the first version was perhaps the most special. During the rehearsals, a serious crisis had arisen, as a result of which there would be almost no Reurle Live at all. This was eventually turned into a performance where the enthusiasm of the participants was splashed on all sides. What a contrast! And that in a tightly packed tent, where the visitors didn’t really know what to expect. In November of that year I was still being asked if there would be another Reurle Live? Well, if it came!”

– The organizing committee of Reurle Live under the auspices of Oranjevereniging Ruurlo has announced that it will stop. Do you think that’s a shame?
Laura Temmink: “Of course I think it’s a shame. I have been able to enjoy the people, the rehearsals and the performance of Reurle Live for five beautiful years. For the public it is an evening, but as participants in Reurle Live you practice for months. I will absolutely miss the months of fun exercises.”
Rob Hulshof: “I’m one of those who said it’s the last time. Maybe a shame, but next time someone else can arrange it.”

– In what form could Reurle Live make a ‘restart’ next year?
Laura Temmink: “I heard an idea among the participants during the rehearsal weekend. But it’s up to them to make it public if they go through with it. If it is to give a new start, as I really hope, then it really has to be a new concept. It has been five incredibly beautiful years, but Thursday night in the September party can now be revived. For me it is still a musical evening for Reurle by Reurle. If you have a great musical idea, let us know.”
Rob Hulshof: “I like to leave this to the next generation.”

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