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Wagenbouwgroep ‘Zuydtzicht’ wins the jury and the public award parade

By Jan Hendriksen

BARCHEM – After two corona years, Barchem finally celebrated the Barchems party again. There was great public interest in the party. Lines of the public lined the road on Saturday morning in the center of the village. And on Saturday afternoon/evening the Dorpsplein was packed, where the coveted titles were fought during the bird shooting. Tim van Wessel and Willy Marsman form the new royal couple for a year, and Kevin Oldenburg goes through life for a year as the youth prince of Barchem.

After the streets had already been beautifully decorated by the local residents in the run-up to the Barchems party, the 2022 edition of the Barchems party was opened on Thursday evening 25 August with a senior afternoon in the village hall ‘t Onderschoer in collaboration with the Brook Duo from Markello. More than a hundred seniors enjoyed the musical program by Gert-Jan Oplaat and Anita Bolink. On Thursday evening, on the initiative of Vereniging Contact Barchem, a game show was held in ‘t Onderschoer in collaboration with Venderbosch Evenementen from Borculo for more than eighty Barchemers.

The atmospheric fair on the Dorpsplein was opened from Friday with various attractions such as bumper cars, a carousel, a shooting gallery, Kop van jut and a candy, snack and fish stall. The female band Steam Sister performed on Friday evening with a dazzling show in front of a sold-out sports hall at ‘t Onderschoer. On Saturday morning at half past eleven it was time for the traditional parade, where nine wagon building groups, two running groups and two music groups took part.

But it is no longer a matter of course in 2022, since the fair in Hengelo (G) last month and the September festivities in the coming weeks (Borculo and Ruurlo) will for the first time in their long tradition have to do without an allegorical parade. And that is a great loss. The community in Barchem can therefore be proud that the audience could once again enjoy a beautiful flowery and colorful parade on Saturday.

In the car category, the neighborhood association Zuydtzicht’s car builder group got the highest score from the jury with the theme ‘Zuydtzicht flies back in time’. Zuydtzicht also won the audience award. Second was the group Reurlseweg with the theme car ‘Troonsuccessors’ and third ‘t Zwiepsebroek with ‘Checkpoint’. In the running groups, the highest score of the judges went to the group ‘Ladder(s)Zat’.

High attendance
It was clear that everyone missed out on the Barchems party for the past two years as attendance for Saturday afternoon bird shooting was higher than previous years. With a total of 304 participants (172 men, 82 women, 26 children) and 24 (clap) shooters, the shooting events were well attended. All participants started enthusiastically. The women’s head and first wing came off quickly. The men began to catch up and before the end of the first round of fire the tail had also come down. The women decided to use the joker, and after launching the second wing, they immediately went full on attacking the fuselage. However, it had not been shot so quickly. In the third round, Dinand Pardijs was close to victory. The hull shot halfway over the pole and dangled on the last piece of wood. Then more than twenty shooters bit on the last shot that eventually came from Tim van Wessel’s run. A few shots before, Willy Marsman had already secured the queen’s title by shooting the hull in the middle. The lucky winners were honored on stage, after which they received an aubade from the band Free Willy. It was also the starting signal for a spectacular performance and evening party.

Bird shooting men (172 participants): Body: King Tim van Wessel (459 shots): Head: Willem Wesselink; Right wing: Mike ter Haar; Left wing: Teun Sprukkelhorst; Tail: Marc Nijkamp: Bird shooting women (82 participants): Torso: Queen: Willy Marsman (398 shots); Manager: Alice Vosman – Nijenhuis; Right wing: Lenie Nieuwenhave; Left wing: Yvonne Dinkelman; Tail: Willy Marsman: Bird Shooting Youth (26 participants): Torso: Youth Prince Kevin Oldenburg; Manager: Hessel Pongers; Right wing: Jesse Meerbeek; Left wing: Berend van Wijk; Tail: Stack Warnshuis. Winner of flail shooting: Jan Schoolen. Parade: Chariots 1. Zuydzicht with ‘Flying back in time, 350 points; 2. Reurlseweg, Followers of the Throne, 334; 3. ‘t Zwiepsebroek, Checkpoint, 329; 4. We’re all going to the moon, 321; 5. Fortunately we still have the Chinese, 316; 6. Wild West, 289; 7. School demolished we hold our party, 275; 8. Après ski, 260; 9. DJ Matjes, 250. Running groups: 1. Stige(r) Sat, 310; 2. t Began mien wear te jök’n, 296.

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