Klein Teater hopes for an enthusiastic audience


DINXPERLO- Klein Teater Dinxperlo is at full steam and, as the working group says, they once again have a ‘nice programme’. They start in the first week of October with the first performance and the tickets for the performances can of course already be ordered now.

Hilly Grootnibbelink and Hans Eppink are two of the working group members who are engaged in this and talk about the program from 2022-2023. In addition to Hilly and Hans, Nardie Eppink and Jeffrey Hormes are also closely involved in the entire organization. It is great that every time they manage to put together a versatile program for the Klein Teatret Dinxperlo in the Kulturhuset in Dinxperlo, the place where many artists like to return. Not with the luxury of a large and real theatre, but with the charm of small scale and coziness, so that both the artists and the visitors quickly feel at home in the Kulturhuset. Like the rest of the working group, Hilly and Hans hope that people will be able to find their way to the (small) theater again after the corona period. “The artists who are here on stage really deserve to have an enthusiastic audience, we wish them a lot”.

Also space for Classical concerts on Sunday afternoon with Phion

“What may be different from previous years is that we have now also chosen Classic,” says Hilly. “It was actually in response to Wibi Soerjadi’s performance”. There were questions from visitors about why we didn’t have classical music in the program more often. We discussed whether we should do it or not.” Hans: “Just before the Corona period, we took a look behind the scenes at ‘Østens Koncert’ in Enschede, where we subsequently talked to the organization about whether there was a small ensemble that would like to come to the Klein Teatret. Afterwards, when Orkest van het Oosten and Gelders Orkest merged under the name ‘Phion’, there seemed to be interest and a selection of performers will play in small settings. It’s a trial, and we think that makes it really special”. So it’s great that there is also room for a number of classical concerts on Sunday afternoon. It is possible to order a passepartout for these concerts, but you can also choose to book the concerts separately. The performances are 27 November 2022, 5 February 2023 and 11 June 2023.

The 2022-2023 program starts on 1 October

On Saturday 1 October, Niels van der Gulik and Frank Kooijman tell the story and play songs from perhaps the most famous Simon and Garfunkel concert in Central Park. They look back on Simon and Garfunkel’s career with many timeless hits. They are supported by Richard Heierman on percussion. Saturday 22 October is the turn of people like Kasper van Kooten with ‘Van Kooten en de Beat’ after the book of the same name, published in February 2022. The music from the book comes to life and he lets the theaters feel and experience ‘beaten’ after he was unable to perform for nearly two years due to the Corona pandemic. On 19 November we welcome Chris Verlaan with his debut program ‘Man in the making’. Chris Verlaan won the hearts of the public with his dryly comic and cynical songs, and in 2018 he won the jury and the audience award at the Cameretten with glory. Maarten Peters is a guest in Dinxperlo on January 14. The man from ‘Goede Doelen’ presents a selection of his ‘charity songs’ and explains how they came about.18. February 70s Unplugged, Songs for the road. Enjoy an evening for true pop music lovers. On March 11, Ocobar pays tribute to Eric Clapton with ‘Wonderful Tonight. On 1 April it is Thijs Kemperink’s turn with his program ‘Halvvejs’, which is also essential at the Klein Teatret Dinxperlo. Born and raised in Twente, he has managed to attract a large audience with his own style.

All performances on Saturday start at 20:00 and the classical performances on Sunday afternoon at 15:30. Check the Klein theater website for more information about all performances and also about entre and passe partout. A passe partout is available for both classical concerts and theater performances.

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