Rhenense Riet’s love of culture: ‘Who is ready to pull this wagon?’

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RHENES Does she really need an introduction? After all, she is known as a practitioner among many Rhenenians and many organisations, institutions, clubs, associations and foundations. Also a human being. A woman with great love for all that Rhenen has to offer in terms of culture. But with great respect we still call her, as it is called, man and horse. Riet van der Wielen (72) is today known as chairman of the Rhenish Cultural Platform.

by Henk Jansen

Engaged in the history, art and culture of Grebbestaden, Riet would like to be the first to say the following: ,,Rhenen is actively looking for a chairman for Open Monuments Day Rhenen. This day is scheduled again in the second week of September. This year with the theme Sustainability. Surely this day cannot continue because there is no chairman? A man or woman who coordinates things. Who in the Rhine is prepared to pull this wagon?”

Riet van der Wielen chaired Open Monuments Day Rhenen for a decade. “After ten years, I thought it was time to do something different. I was able to participate in ten beautiful and pleasant open monument days in Rhenen. Good for thousands of visitors every year. There is no end to this beautiful tradition. So I sincerely hope that there is someone in Rhenen who feels called to become chairman of Open Monument Day Rhenen. After all, Rhenen has so much to offer when it comes to monuments. You want to show that at an annual national event like this.”

ACTIVITIES Born Nijmegen, she and her husband Han Keizer swapped Karelstad with Rhenen to move into an ABC home on Domineesbergweg. Riet now lives with great pleasure in a part of the historic town, not even a stone’s throw from the beautiful and stately Cunera Church. Living pleasure is completed with a now 16-year-old dog, a beautiful garden with plants, bushes and trees, which she knows how to handle with her green fingers.

Taking care of people, that’s what Riet does. She was a caregiver. And for many elderly people, she prepares an extra pot of food or soup every day. She was involved in the international A1 junior football tournament at Candia’66 for no less than ten years, signing Bob van de Weerd and Jan Slabber together for a perfect organization. On behalf of Rhenen municipality, she was also involved in weddings in the Rhenen museum on the market, and she worked as a receptionist and telephone operator at Rhenen town hall.

CULTURAL PLATFORM Riet is currently putting a lot of energy into his chairmanship of Cultuurplatform Rhenen. Due to her keen interest in culture, she feels like a fish in water on this platform. She has passed the seven crosses in age, but nevertheless she is still engaged in the culture of Rhenen. The pessimism has killed her. Reed is all optimism. Contagious optimism that benefits the Rhenense Cultuurplatform. “I like plants, but I’m not going to sit behind the geraniums just yet.”

We also asked Riet a number of unusual questions, and she gave the following answers:
What to give for free? “Medications for Critically Ill Children.”
What is the Rhine missing? “Enthusiasm for culture. It would be nice if more people in Rhenen were involved in culture.”
What does your vision for Rhenen 2030 look like? “I also completed the municipal vision then. I hope Rhenen preserves its history. And that there is a good balance between history and culture.”
What is priceless? ,,Love!! Watch out for others! And health!”
What would you rather do alone? ,,Watch TV. Especially when it comes to following a series or a good movie. And of course read!”
What TV show do you stay home for? Escape to the country. Broadcasts from the lovely English gardens.”
What dream are you chasing? “A beautiful house with a large garden.”
What is higher than love? “Love itself. In the broadest sense of the word. Love for life!”
Your worst holiday experience ever? ,,A house that we had rented for two weeks in Friesland. It turned out to be under some kind of bridge, and the train thundered across it. And the view near the cabin was big and flat.” The guest review is a machine translation from Dutch.
What answer are you waiting for? Why is there so much misery in the world. Why can’t we make something beautiful out of it on this planet?”
The most likable politician or politician? “Obama. Few men respect a woman so much. Like the former president of America respects his wife.”
A night out with Humberto Tan or Paul Witteman? “With Humberto. He likes music and dancing and so do I.”

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