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Asylum reception, state of affairs at the end of August. Tubbergen municipality turns out to be against it coa said it ‘did not want to cooperate on the reception of asylum seekers’. The councilor then assumed that the reception would be ‘in a Others municipality would be arranged.

In Ter Apel there is scabies, people cannot shower, there are no blankets, no numbers for the order of entry and registration, so hundreds of people jump up when someone asks for papers at a gate, there are stabbings and robbery, eight toilets for the more than 700 people overflowing with excrement, an aid organization that normally works in camps in Bosnia and Greece distributes food, a Red Cross worker struggles, Doctors Without Borders rushes to treat injuries, infections, to treat skin diseases, the Norwegian Health and Youth Protection Authority sounds the alarm, two people have to be hospitalized immediately, a baby dies.

In Tubbergen, the residents march in a silent march against the forced reception of three hundred asylum seekers just outside the village, each with an upturned Dutch flag. During a turbulent residents’ meeting, described in Dutch daily newspaperagrees Eric van der Burg, vvd-State Secretary for Asylum, that ‘municipalities and national governments together made the mistake of scaling back the number of reception centers after 2015’. He gets applause from the audience.

The cabinet apparently expects other countries to arrange reception

On 13 May, Prime Minister Rutte said he was “deeply ashamed” of the reception of asylum seekers in the Netherlands. Even then, there had been a structural shortage of shelter places for months. The Red Cross called the situation in Ter Apel ‘inhumane’. On June 7, the government declared asylum national crisis. A national organizational crisis team was established, coordinated by the national coordinator for security and counter-terrorism. ‘All systems in one roomthis is the way we solve problems in the Netherlands,” Rutte said at his weekly press conference.

Since then, the situation has only gotten worse. How can a festival like the Lowlands, where 55,000 visitors eat, sleep and go to the toilet for three days, be organized smoothly while a cross-departmental crisis team with ‘all systems in space’ can’t set up a camp for a few hundred people in Ter Apel with camp beds, food, hygienic facilities and registration options? The cynical question that arises: is the cabinet really unable to do that – which is worrying – or? will have isn’t it just this?

‘The reception of asylum seekers must not be tackled as a crisis, but as a social task’, the council said in June. Asylum reception from the crisis of the Migration Council together with the Administrative Council. The problem is not an increase in the number of asylum seekers, but the reduction in the number of reception places and in-Employees. And that no work has been done on one structural reception policy. ‘The current crisis approach undermines the social and political support for reception’, both advisory councils believe.

Friday, August 26. Now that everything has gotten out of hand, the government has come up with a plan: The municipalities must create extra living space for the status holders this autumn, and there will be extra money for emergency shelters. At the same time, the cabinet will, in order to meet the ‘opponents’ approach of asylum seekers by delaying family reunification – which is in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights – and suspending the Turkey deal, which agrees to distribute asylum seekers across the EU. The government obviously expects that Others European countries will arrange the reception.

Again, political courage is lacking. This measure will hurt many people who finally want to start a new life here. But VVD Limburg is mainly concerned that the Netherlands is “too attractive” and is not yet “sure” about it. What world do they live in? Instead of deliberately allowing crisis after crisis and becoming inhumane themselves, they could come up with real solutions in their own municipalities. Then the support will automatically increase.

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