The Rings of Power and we’re going to talk about Cosby

We need to talk about Cosby.

The big fantasy series starts this week Rings of power. You watched the first two episodes, Mark. What do you think about it?

‘Let me tell you a little about what’s going on. We almost all know the famous film by JRR Tolkien Lord of the Ringstrilogy, directed by Peter Jackson. However, Tolkien left many more writings in which a complete history of it callthe world is outlined. This makes these ‘appendices’ an oeuvre in themselves. Tolkien’s son in particular saw it as his mission to further develop this story. And we see that in this Rings of powera series set thousands of years before the arrival of Frodo and Bilbo, the famous hobbits from the trilogy.

‘Well, of course it’s very difficult to make a well-considered assessment after two episodes. A series that Rings of power (Amazon, fantasy, eight episodes) has a huge run and has many characters. They all need to be introduced, the viewers need to be told: what is at stake?

“It is clear where the money has gone. There is an unprecedented epic approach, especially for a TV series. You will be immersed in the world of elves, dwarves and humans – all living in different imaginary places that are spectacularly portrayed. faithful callviewers this season will recognize the landscapes of New Zealand, where Peter Jackson also shot his films. The following seasons – four more to come – will be filmed in England and other European locations. This was mainly done to keep costs down a bit, which again sounds crazy when you know that an estimated $1 billion was invested in this entire project.

Amazon is taking a huge gamble with it. It will be interesting to see if that investment pays off. You don’t want it to not land and for viewers to shrug. After all, Amazon has to make four more seasons. It does not help Rings of powerand that also applies Game of Thrones– prequel House of the Dragon, it has to compete with the original, so to speak. Either way, fans will start comparing this series to Peter Jackson’s film trilogy, the most successful trilogy of all time. Those are pretty big shoes to fill.’

And what else did you see that is worth recommending?

We need to talk about Cosby (NPO Plus, documentary, four episodes), which you can now watch in its entirety. Black comedian W. Kamau Bell looks at the downfall of Bill Cosby from his personal perspective, who was considered a kind of godfather to black comedians. It’s in the comedy albums he made, and of course that’s where the success comes later The Cosby Show Bee.

“We now know that Cosby lived a parallel life and was a man who drugged and raped women. Kamau Bell gathers all kinds of people who grew up with Cosby and then confronts them with his two faces. On the one hand he was a role model for them, on the other hand he betrayed their youth. Meanwhile, Kamau Bell shows how there were always traces of ‘evil’ Cosby in his public work. For example, Cosby often talks about drugs on these comedy albums and also in The Cosby Show alluded to drugs. You can see the ear drop with the people Kamau Bell interviews. He confronts them with their own memories.

So the question remains for Kamau Bell: can you separate one from the other? Knowing what he has done, does the liberating interest that Cosby has played for black Americans survive? The research into that particular dilemma results in an extremely fascinating documentary series.’

And this is also worth a look:

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