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Almelo is a nice city to work in! Large companies operating all over the world offer opportunities and growth opportunities for Young Professionals. This week, Tom Hofsté introduces himself. Member of the activity committee in the Young Professionals Almelo network.

Almelo – I am 35 years old, born in Oldenzaal and live in Hengelo with my girlfriend Jeanine and son Luca. In my spare time I like to cook and to compensate for the delicious food I do crossfit to keep fit and healthy.

My educational background is mechanical engineering, which I followed at Saxion. During my studies, I did an internship at Aeronamic. A year later, after graduating, I was contacted if I was open to working in aviation. For example, I started as a production engineer in 2013 and had the opportunity to further develop myself and grow into a project manager. As a project manager, together with an interdisciplinary team, I am responsible for the successful execution of a task or project.

Aeronamic is a high-tech manufacturing company that assembles systems and manufactures metal parts for aerospace. One can think of rapidly rotating rotors that ensure that an engine on, for example, an Airbus A320-NEO can start. In addition to production, we develop our own systems and focus on making aviation more sustainable by focusing on the transition from hydraulic to electric systems. The smaller and lighter the system, the less weight has to be lifted into the air, resulting in lower fuel consumption. These applications are in line with the current trend in sustainable flight and are in line with the development of electric flight, such as flying taxis.

YPA annually organizes various activities such as company visits, summer activities, workshops and lectures. For this purpose, various committees have been set up to support and contribute ideas to these activities. I was asked by YPA’s board to participate in a committee to organize a workshop and a lecture. The committee consists of five members, all of whom work for another member company of the Discover Hightech Almelo Foundation. Various skills are covered such as collaboration, brainstorming, meeting, discussing and making decisions. We didn’t know each other, and it’s great to see how a team is created that manages to set up activities. I came to YPA to get to know new people, and besides it being fun, it is interesting to exchange knowledge and experiences. We visit the different companies and it is good to see how different companies work. This can lead to different insights and solutions to problems you yourself encounter.

In 2020, like many other companies, we had to deal with the corona pandemic. It was no longer possible to travel or only in exceptional cases the number of flight movements decreased rapidly. Airlines were struggling and orders for new aircraft were being postponed or even cancelled. The prospect of new parts and the number of orders also fell. By working half a day to a full day less, we have managed to get through this period. This has given us the opportunity to retain people and knowledge. I’m proud of how we solved this together.

Aeronamic has given me the opportunity to develop both technical and soft skills. It has a pleasant working environment with nice colleagues from whom you can learn a lot. At the moment I am mastering the project management profession, there are still plenty of challenges in it, and I am not yet concerned with what the next step will be.

In addition to interesting businesses, Almelo also offers a beautiful center with various restaurants where you can eat well. A summer activity organized by YPA has taught us that with a canoe you can make a fantastic route around the center, where you are surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Twente. Every year various great events take place in the city centre, the theater and Erve Asito.

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