Dole introduces gift box

Recognizing the consumer’s need for gifts during major holidays, the international fruit and vegetable brand Dole recently introduced various fruit gift boxes and gift cards for China’s Mid-Autumn Festival, reshaping its strong party culture to meet the various consumer gifting needs. for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Healthy gifts
The Mid-Autumn Festival combines a variety of customs that embody the essence of Chinese culture throughout history. The mid-autumn festival has become a colorful and precious cultural heritage with different meanings such as reunion, homesickness or prayer for a good harvest and happiness.

During this important festival, in addition to visiting relatives and friends, honoring parents, employee welfare, business life, etc., gift giving has also become one of the important aspects of the Mid-Autumn Festival. As consumers become more cautious, lavish packaging and expensive gifts are gradually phased out, and consumers can embrace the “New Mid-Autumn Festival Gift” which emphasizes practicality, health and cost-effectiveness. Dole advocates “Sunshine For All” and hopes that the Mid-Autumn Festival will treat more families to high-quality fruits and vegetables, and more consumers will be blessed with good health.

Mid-Autumn Festival Reunion; Dole Present Sweet
From the many premium fruits, Dole has selected 5 seasonal and consumer-loved products and introduced them in the Mid-Autumn Festival fruit gift box. The design emphasizes the cultural values ​​of consumers, with greater emphasis on traditional elements of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The new national style enhances the mood and sophistication of the product, and has a beautiful meaning in each gift box, so that the giver can convey his good wishes.

Dole pomegranate with soft seeds
Due to its beautiful meaning, pomegranate has become a representative of the fruit of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The red fruit symbolizes a prosperous life, while the plump and compact seeds represent more children. Dole selects soft-seeded pomegranates from Henan, Yunnan, Sichuan and other growing regions of China, with thin-skinned, plump, ruby-like seeds.

Dole Autumn Moon Pear
Pears are the protagonists among the autumn fruits, and eating pears during the Mid-Autumn Festival is said to pray for unity and reunion. Dole selects pears in the shape of a full moon, with a delicate flavor and a high Brix value.

Dole Royal Feast Peach
When we’re happy, according to the Chinese, we can’t help but crave premium fruit. With a bite of Royal Feast Peach, we can enhance the taste of life. Dole Royal Feast Peach has an excellent appearance and is rich in aroma and full of juice.

Dole Fuji apple
The premium box of Fuji apples conveys the hope that family members and friends will be safe and protected. Dole selects Fuji red apples grown in a natural ecological environment, with rich planting experience and standardized operating procedures. Dole strictly controls the quality of the apples, does not skimp on labor costs, and selects red Fuji apples with a good fruit shape and clear skin. Red Fuji apples are crisp, sweet and juicy/fruity and have a beautiful meaning of peace and joy.

Dole Sweetio golden pineapple
The Sweetio Golden Pineapple gift box makes a surprise return! Dole Sweetio Golden Pineapple is imported from the Philippines via a cold chain where each pineapple patiently waits until it is naturally ripe to be picked. The taste of pineapple is rich and it is a good choice for the pure sweet taste of gourmets.

Order a gift card that is easy to collect from home
Due to the variety of Mid-Autumn Festival gift options, Dole chose 3 Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes and introduced Mid-Autumn Festival gift cards. Consumers can easily redeem them through Dole’s official WeChat account and choose the right time to have the Mid-Autumn Festival gift box delivered to their home, which is convenient and fast. To ensure the freshness of the product, Dole will ship it directly from its point of origin within 48 hours of redemption, and the freshly picked fruit will be delivered to the consumer.

Source: Dole

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