Lucina Bolding from Nijeveen brings Johan van den Kornput to life

“Johan van den Kornput, I read in the script, was just a puny little man who blew himself up quite a bit.” Signed: Lucina Bolding. So the tone is set. One of Steenwijk’s greatest heroes (‘named after the local barracks’) also turned out to be a deadly dull fellow. But thanks to the text by Marcel Harmsen and the direction of Lucina Bolding, eleven actors, a large choir and a brass band bring the period 1580-1581, which is historically important to Steenwijk, to life in a light-hearted way – with a lot of humor . In five performances in the Grote Kerk on 9, 10 and 11 September as part of Kopje Cultuur 2022.

“But Van den Kornput is fantastically portrayed by Jan ten Wolde from Giethoorn; he participated with Storm over Beulaeke. Jan has a funny face, he got a very spicy (lead) role with Johan, but he is beautiful in it.”

The story begins in 1580, when the Spanish are approaching. During the cabaret show, the audience is led in small steps from the moment of occupation, with Johan van den Kornput as the defender of the good city, to the relief in 1581, where the baker’s wife (forced by necessity also played a role, among others Lucina) Bolding) suddenly discovers at dawn, that the camp is empty: the Spaniards have fled from the Dutch cold – and of course from the brave Steenwijkers.

Rennenberg and Alva

Johan van den Kornput is the comedian’s second directing job ( ‘Two straight, two wrong’ ) Lucina Bolding, after Providence. “At the request of Han Evers, who also owns this production with the MOL (Meenthe Op Location) Foundation,” she says. The script and lyricist was again Marcel Harmsen, who had already done that job for De Providence. Bolding and Harmsen started the brainstorming sessions together with Sjef Damhuis, history teacher at CSG Eekeringe. “Of course we had to bring in the Spanish War, and Rennenberg and Alva, you name it, but it had to be something fluff . It turned out to be a wonderful story in collaboration with the chamber choir Cantica Sacra (conducted by Maartje van Dokkum) and the Brass Band Crescendo (conducted by John Blanken).

Everything was in jars, “and then it was: Well, Lucina, look you’re getting people. I had my eye on a couple. Jaap de Vries from Steenwijk, it’s a top player, a gem. He is so good! Jaap plays Count Rennenberg, with wonderful arrogance. I already knew Henk Vording, participated with Providence. The two are also involved in the cabaret Back To Steenwijk. Vording even has a triple role: he plays Alva, a countess and also a soldier.”


“The author had to have a Frisian with him, because there was trouble between Steenwijk and Friesland at the time. Steenwijk was a transit route to Friesland. The Frisians have played quite well against Steenwijk. That Friezin became Hinke Snoek from Nijeveen, she really comes from Friesland. I had my eye on someone for the role of baker’s wife, but unfortunately she wasn’t fit enough, she had to drop out, very unfortunate. Then I had to take the role, everyone thought. But it’s not just natural to direct and play such a role. Well, I did anyway. I enjoy swearing with Hinke Snoek, a very big woman, she is a head above me.” Recommended by Jan ten Wolde, the director also ended up with Raimond Obbink (he is the butcher and the British army officer Norritz). Hinke and Raimond have previously played in Storm over Beulaeke, Obbink in a beautiful role as Lamme. “In addition, three eleven-year-old children play in it (Joes, Roos and Esmee), and Karin Huisman plays a man, a soldier. Henk Dick van de Zwaag is a city robber. Fortunately, I was able to gather all the people with stage experience around me. Finally, it turns out that everyone is in their role, just the right person in the right place. I like it so much it almost falls into your lap.”


The pulpit in the church more or less becomes the tower, which later catches fire, and a catwalk is also set up. In total, Johan is a production of around 100 people: 30 musicians from Crescendo, 60 choir members from Cantica Sacra and then the stage crew, eight adults and three children, “logistics still a lot of trouble,” experienced Lucina Bolding, who gave herself one task: ” The best thing is to keep everything as simple as possible” and she promises that everyone will go home satisfied.

The performance Johan van den Kornput can be seen on Friday 9, Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September in the Grote Kerk in Steenwijk. For ticket sales and more information: .

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