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Social Team Houten Foundation
looking for a new member for the board.
With experience within one or more municipalities, preferably within the social sector.
Do you have the skills and experience to take on the role of chairman? So that’s a plus.

Acquisitions are not valued

Social Team Houten Foundation
The Houten Social Team Foundation (CJG and Social Team) is the contact point for care, support and prevention. It is an executive organization in the municipality of Houten. The statutory tasks from the Act on Social Support and Youth and prevention and relief support are housed in this independent fund, where the municipality has a significant influence through the municipal council.

Based on an integrated approach, we look at what the residents themselves can do and where help is needed.
The Houten Social Team Foundation consists of the Social Team, the Center for Young People and Families (CJG) and the young people’s practical nurses (POH-J).

Our mission is that we help to strengthen the residents’ opportunities and strengths, so that they are able to live their lives as independently as possible. We offer guidance and/or organize care, if necessary, for residents who cannot (temporarily) manage on their own or only with others in their network. We add, add and add out.

Our vision is that not everything that is different or goes differently than you would like or expect is a problem and call for professional help or support immediately. We want to help people deal with social, physical and emotional challenges in life. And they help you take control of it yourself.
If support is needed, we offer it tailored, as close to home and our own network as possible and as close to normal life as possible.

Job description and organizational position
The fund was originally established for 4 years in 2018 and positively evaluated in 2021. After evaluation, it was decided on a new management, where the board will consist exclusively of external members from 2022 (previously two councilors have been on the board).
The board of B&W Houten hires, dismisses, suspends and dismisses the members of the board.

The board is the formal employer of the foundation’s individual board. The managing director is ultimately responsible for the continuity and quality of the organization and for the implementation of the activities agreed with the municipality and the performance to be delivered. It basically concerns the provision of support and care as well as the contribution to the development and realization of the municipality’s political objectives. The board supervises the foundation’s board.

In addition to the roles of employer and supervisor, the board has a stimulating and advisory role. The Houten Sociale Team foundation is not only responsible (together with the municipality and partners) for the realization of the political goals, but also for innovation and improvement of the implementation of the Youth Act and the Act on Social Support and part of the municipal prevention tasks. In addition to their formal roles, the CEO and the board also act as partners in the transformation of the social domain.

The board supervises the board’s policy, reviews the board’s decision-making and advises. The supervision is before and after. This means that a number of documents and decisions are submitted in advance to the board for approval and/or subsequently assessed by the board. According to the statutes, approval from the municipal council in Houten Municipality is also required for certain parts.

The board meets 5-6 times a year. Depending on the agenda, approx. 4 hours of preparation and meeting time per meet. In addition, incidental coordination moments and/or a work visit may take place during the year. We expect that a member of the board has sufficient leeway and flexibility to carry out these activities. For a chairman role, it is a slightly larger investment of time. The chairman conducts strategic consultations with the councilor(s) once a year and discusses the agenda with the director prior to the meeting.


– Approve for:
o the long-term strategy
o budget, implementation plans, annual reports
o proposals regarding employment contracts, terms of employment, remuneration system and pension
o proposals of a financial nature that exceed the budget or an amount determined by the board
o the complaints procedure for clients
o settlement agreements if they directly affect the budget
o decisions on matters of significant importance to the fund, such as dissolution or entering into partnerships, outsourcing of tasks to third parties, changes to the articles of association, merger/splitting/transfer of the fund.

– To monitor:
o the organisation’s goal-setting and achievement of goals and desired results
o the operation of the foundation’s board
o the function of the fund
o implementation of plans
o compliance with laws and regulations
o finance and personnel management

– Advising the managing director on promoting the fund’s functioning and its own functioning and, in light of this, making recommendations for changes to the aforementioned documents
– Appoint, dismiss and suspend the director and conduct and record performance interviews with the director
– Comply with the foundation’s articles of association and bylaws and make recommendations or make decisions regarding changes to articles of association or bylaws
– Inform the municipality about the function of the fund
– Accountability towards the municipality for own activities

The current board provides the portfolios for business operations, quality and innovation. We assume complementarity for the new member. We are thinking of a person with experience and networks in one or more municipalities, preferably in the social domain. Due to the resignation of the current chairman, it would be an advantage if he could also take over the role of chairman and has the necessary skills and experience for this. We prioritize a municipal profile over a chairman profile.

Member of the board:
– has an HBO-WO working and thinking level
– has experience of working with local authorities
– has knowledge and experience within the broad social domain
– has management experience
– has supervisory characteristics
– has strategic and political insight
– is consultative, critical and decisive
– is innovative
– is environmentally conscious
– is at a relative distance from Houten’s politics and has no involvement or affiliation or interests in the Houten Social Team Foundation’s implementation practices.

The Houten Social Team Foundation wants to be a fair and inclusive organisation. We promote an open culture where everyone is supported to realize their full potential. We regard inclusiveness of talent as the foundation of our successes and diversity of perspectives and people as a highly valuable result of this. The Social Team Houten Foundation offers equal opportunities to all employees and applicants, regardless of gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age, neurodiversity, occupational disability, citizenship or anything else that makes them unique.

In accordance with the foundation’s articles of association, the municipal council in Houten municipality appoints the board members. The appointment is for a period of four years. A board member can serve a maximum of three times in a period of four years.

This is an unpaid position with a small fixed expense allowance.

To ask?
If you have any questions about this position, please call or email Peter Hofman, one of the members of the supervisory board, or 0642525115

If you are interested in this position, please send your CV with motivation to You can do that until 9 October 2022.

The first round of interviews takes place in the week of October 17. The following times are reserved for this: 17-10 between 12:00 and 14:00, 18-10 between 09:00 and 15:00 and 19-10 between 18:30 and 21:00.

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