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BREDA – Anyone who sits down at a table in the Breda catering industry in the near future will probably get a white and orange beer mat from the Food Bank Breda for their drink. A QR code has been printed with which catering guests can make a donation to the Food Bank. The idea was conceived by Paul van Midde from the Food Bank Breda, and there are 50,000 coasters in circulation.

More than 600 families in Breda depend on the food bank. And it is expected that there will only be more. It is therefore crucial for the food bank to collect enough donations to continue providing all families with food parcels. One of the ways in which the Food Bank Breda does this is through beer counters. On it is the text: ‘Give you a round’. You will also find a QR code on the coaster with which you can donate to the food bank. The concept of the coasters is new in the Netherlands and was devised by Paul van Midde.

“I remember sitting on a terrace once and not getting a coaster for my drink,” says Paul. “Then this idea suddenly occurred to me. The catering industry has to pay for the coasters. So what if we, as a food bank, get coasters made that the catering industry can use. Then we can spread our message across the coasts.” No sooner said than done. After internal consultation on the plan, Paul approached Johan de Vos from KHN Breda. Boerke Verschuren’s catering entrepreneur was immediately excited.

“The restaurant business has been through a difficult time. Catering entrepreneurs know better than anyone how nice it is when people are there for you. I think it is very important that we help the 600 families who depend on the food bank . And I also know that the number of people who depend on the food bank will probably only increase in the near future. By using these coasters, we as a catering industry can contribute relatively easily. We are happy to do so.”

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The Food Bank’s beer tokens – Hanneke Marcelis

Dozens of catering companies
There was great enthusiasm among the catering industry in Breda to participate in the promotion. All catering companies on the Ginnekenmarkt participate, but the coasters are also in circulation in Princenhage, on the Grote Markt, on the entire Havermarkt, at Haven, at Venice and De Bommel and in the golf parks De Haenen and Bergvliet. “It’s great to see that the catering industry is so keen to collaborate. Everyone I approached immediately said ‘yes'”, says Van Midde enthusiastically.

The action with the felt pads continues until they run out. Initially, 50,000 were printed, which will probably give the catering industry about two weeks ahead. Van Midde has high hopes for promotion. “Of course, we can measure how the donations are doing. If it goes well, we will immediately start printing felt pads. It would therefore be fantastic if we could find a sponsor for the printing of the coasters, so that all proceeds from the donations can go directly to the food packages.”

If it is up to Van Midde, the campaign will be rolled out throughout the Netherlands. “If our campaign is successful, we will of course also raise the issue with the national food bank, so that all food banks in the Netherlands can benefit from this concept. Because all food banks desperately need the support.”

How does it work
On the beer mat is the text ‘Give you a round?’, and you will find a QR code. Anyone who scans the code ends up on a donation page at the Food Bank Breda. You can also read on the slide that with your donation you are helping the more than 600 families who use Breda’s food bank. “In this way, we not only collect donations, but we also raise people’s awareness. 600 families are around 1800 people who depend on our food packages. And in order to continue helping them, donations are really needed,’ says Ad van Aalst from Breda Food Bank.

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