Conference on Friday 9 September: The new farmer is…

The new network is organizing a conference on agriculture and food transition on Friday 9 September in collaboration with the province of Noord-Brabant. During the conference, the participants will get an insight into what we have to do now and in the next few years. Us, that is, farmers and farmers’ organizations, policy makers, politicians, advisors, scientists; realize that the diversity of ‘De Nieuwe Boer’ is greater, broader and more knowledge-intensive.

To gain a better understanding of how, the workshops deal with cross-cutting themes that affect all types of farmers, from precision agriculture to food forests, from economically efficient to nature-inclusive, from specialist to multifunctional. The conference ‘De Nieuwe Boer is…’ is an initiative of the Nieuwe Netwerk foundation and is organized in collaboration with the province of Noord-Brabant.

Input on that day
The urgency of the transformation in agriculture is palpable, we are all part of it! Frederike Praasterink (NWA program Future Food Systems), takes us into the diversity of developments in sustainable agriculture. Olga Kalles (LNV program manager National Program for Rural Districts) informs us about the ministry’s area-oriented approach. The deputy for agriculture Elies Lemkes from the province of Noord-Brabant presents his political framework for agriculture and food 2030 and reflects on today’s results. Our chairman Jelleke de Nooy-van Tol outlines a global perspective where we are heading.

The NN Foundation ensures that the results of previous conferences, such as NWA, VIV-Europe (short chains), Food Different, Network Day Platform Natural Livestock Farming, Caring Farmers, are input to the conference on 9 September. We build on each other’s knowledge and insight. Starting from 9 September, a program (implementation agenda?) of monthly workshops will be rolled out by the various organisations.

Output from that day

  • You have a good overview of the various developments within agriculture in the Netherlands.
  • You have been introduced to professionals in different ‘bubbles’ than the ones you are used to; in other words, the living ecosystem of Dutch agriculture comes into the picture.
  • Together, we put items on the agenda that we want to continue with (and must in order to achieve the transition). The New Network Foundation and various organizations present will organize workshops and conferences in the following months to create perspectives for action on these topics.

Program 9 September 2022
9:30 Walk-in with coffee/tea

10.00 Opening/plenary

Opening by today’s chairman Tamme van der Wal (Director BioScope).

  • Frederike Praasterink (lecturer Future Food Systems at HAS University of Applied Sciences) presents the new farmer from different scenarios;
  • Olga van Kalles (Ministry of LNV) discusses the area-oriented approach with which the Ministry shapes the transition and where the provinces have an important task;
  • New network chairman Jelleke de Nooy – van Tol outlines a global perspective towards which we are heading.

11:00-12:00 – Workshop rounds (4 rooms)

12.15-1.30pm – Lunch break, Knowledge Market

13.30-14.30 – Workshop rounds (4 rooms)

14.45 – 15.45 – Workshop rounds (4 rooms)

15:45-16:15 – Plenary gathering of action perspectives and agenda for follow-up workshops

Elies Lemkes – Straver, deputy for agriculture, food and nature in the province of North Brabant, will receive the results at the end of the day.

16:15-17:00 – Networking drink

Various bio-related workshops are held. Among which:

De Nieuwe Boer is… organic with:

  • Michael de Wilde (Director Bionext)
  • Frederiek van Lienen (Biodiversity in business)
  • Andrea Almasi (Prov. N-Brabant)

There is a growing need for more organic and agroecological farming in the Netherlands due to their positive impact on the soil, (retention of) groundwater, biodiversity and climate. The province of Brabant wants to achieve 15% organic farming by 2030. Farmers want too, provided there are sales. The initiators discuss with each other how we can achieve this and what is required in the chain and in the rules.

Click here for the full workshop overview.

The conference will be held at the Provincial House of Noord-Brabant (Brabantlaan 1, 5216 TV in ‘s-Hertogenbosch). You can register via this page.

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