Members of the Harper’s Bazaar Business Club learned these lessons during the intimate lunch at the Kunsthal

Amanda Harput

Especially for the members of our Harper’s Bazaar Business Club, we organized an inspiring day dedicated to women on July 17th. In collaboration with creative impact platform Ellae, this Sunday Kunsthal Live put women in the spotlight with a lunch like minded women and a visit to Here We Are! Afterwards, we asked the women present about their experiences.


Bonus event in the Kunsthalle

An exclusive Harper’s Bazaar Business Club event dedicated to powerful women took place on Sunday, July 17. During this extra bonus event in the Kunsthal and outside in the Museumpark in Rotterdam, Business Club members had the opportunity to network over an atmospheric lunch, visit exhibitions, enjoy musical talent and reflect on the collective strength of women, behind and behind the scenes, on stage and in the museum, in the world then and now.

In the background were the soulful sounds of singer songwriter Ntjam Rosie, melodies of DJ Mixturess and enchanting vocals of Bente. The members were also given a tour of the Here We Are! exhibition. A celebration of more than a hundred women who define design. Members enjoyed an intimate lunch where they had the opportunity to network with other ambitious women from the Harper’s Bazaar Business Club. What did they learn from the inspiring afternoon? We asked our members.

Lessons learned during the Harper’s Bazaar Business Club bonus event

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‘Don’t try to change yourself to fit the ‘image’. Use your strengths (mainly your soft skills) to make an impact. Over the years I have really found that I can use my background (including standards and values) to add value to the bigger picture. I always take this lesson when I need to use my stakeholder management skills.’

‘Don’t forget the four most important in our lives in sight: health (physical, emotional, spiritual), relationships (love and platonic), work or studies: how do you feed your intellectual need? and money: how is your relationship with money?’

“Allow imperfection in your life. Follow your heart and be guided by your intuition. Take appropriate risks. You are not everyone’s cup of tea. Oh yes: and do what makes you happy.’

‘Don’t be afraid of change. I traded a finance career to start a business. Then I launched a brand and won 1st prize at the Dutch Beauty Award.’

“Nobody stands in line for a flat slide. I always had a winning mentality and I hated losing. Well, I’d still rather win than lose, but I’ve learned that life always brings us both ups and downs, and we both have to accept and learn. Both experiences make life more fun.’

‘Just do it! It can be scary to do something new because you often don’t know where to start: how do you start to develop/set up your business idea, for example. As cliche as it sounds, you learn by doing it and failing a few times. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Be open and dare to ask: also in this company of Harper’s Bazaar Business Club.’

‘Stay close to yourself and dare to say no. I apply this every day and give substance to my core value: authenticity. That’s how I do it, I fully support it’.

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