Michiel and Bernice new royal couple in Ratum


Jurn Tjallingii Prince of Ratum after 34 shots

RATUM – Finally, after 3 years, the Ratum School and Folk Festival could be celebrated again.

Friday morning at 8.30, chairman Mark Gebbink opened Ratum’s School and Volksfeest. After the flag raising and the national anthem, the parade could go off at the Emma building. The music association Crescendo provided the sheet music. It was a beautiful parade with 18 amazing creations and 2 prams.
The stop was at Bert and Anja Stemerdink’s, in a beautifully decorated garden and with the help of the neighborhood it turned into a cozy and pleasant morning. The children’s games were also enthusiastically attended, 2 teams were made to compete with wheelbarrow races, tug-of-war, balloon kicks and photo games.
Around noon, the procession went to the Emma building, where the party was officially opened.
Deputy Mayor Elvira Schepers and Johan Müller director of school ‘t Waliën were present and wished everyone a nice few days.
Two people were put in the spotlight; Willie Stemerdink for the air cushion and Jos Weerkamp, ​​who has carried the flag for no less than 15 years. They were thanked for their efforts.

After the opening, the music took the revelers outside to begin the games.
After an exciting battle between 14 participants, Jurn Tjallingii became Prince of Ratum after 34 shots. This was festively celebrated in the hall.

The evening program was devised by a number of creative Ratumere. A combination of play and karaoke presented by show masters Kay and Chiel. The crowd participated enthusiastically, then the party goer continued with DJ Feest Team Achterhoek, Cas Toebes. It was a big party in a well-filled hall until the late hours.

On Saturday morning at 9.00 the parade went to the regent couple Peter Wilke and Marina Breukelman. Finally after 2 years the party goers were able to take them out. The meadow was beautifully decorated. The royal couple had made an ice cream van available, and the children could be painted. Crescendo provided the musical support, so as usual it was a fantastic party. Peter gave a wonderful speech, it turns out that people quickly become established in Ratum if they shoot the bird. The royal couple then set off in a beautiful convertible for the procession to the Building.

After the smørrebrød and the coffee, the Royal shooting could begin. With 14 contestants all going for it, the bird fell after 191 shots, ending a nerve-wracking battle between the contestants.

Michiel Colstee can call himself king of Ratum this year with his girlfriend Bernice de Roos as queen. A celebratory tribute followed on stage, the royal couple were enthusiastically sung to and they were visibly enjoying themselves. Then everyone could start the games with the traditional award ceremony at the end of the afternoon.

The winning car of the parade was Slemkers with the car Wi’j extinguishes everything, followed by Nice important with the Apenkoppen and in number 3 Roatumse Jokers Wi’j slowly flies out, but Roatum stays home.
The guessing game was won by Teun Taken, guessing the winning car by Sini Piek and predicting who the new King(gin) would be by Joselyn Piek.

The draw was won by Niek Sikkink, Aart-Jan van ‘t Hart and Jan-Willem Beskers.
The bird shooting under 50 was won by Ronny Luttinkholt, over 50 by Henk Piek and in the women’s by Sharon Beskers. The butterfly was won by Bennie Reesink.

After a short break, the party continued in the evening with the band Cabrio. They immediately set the mood right and the hours flew by as they jumped and sweated. Team Vivaldi made sure everyone had enough to drink during these two days.
Ratum can look back on two fantastically fun days of partying in the glorious sun.

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