News from Friesland from September 5 | Bantega devastated after accident that killed baby, Vattenfall customers to pay significantly more for gas and electricity

Bantega is devastated after a catastrophic accident on Friday afternoon that killed a four-month-old baby, Doutsen. That and more in our overview of the news from the last day.

Flags fly at half-mast in Bantega, and at Jachtkamp the pile of stuffed animals and candles that compassionate people put there grows.

The baby’s mother was seriously injured when a parcel delivery man in a Sixt Autoverhuur van backed up behind them. The child was in a carrier. A shock has passed through the village, says Claudia van Houten of local importance Bantega. “Everyone is very sad.” The accident happened shortly before the school bell rang Reinboge left.

Vattenfall’s customers will pay significantly more for gas and electricity

Energy company Vattenfall is raising rates for customers with variable contracts in the meantime. From 1 October they pay significantly more for gas and electricity.

Vattenfall says it has been forced to raise tariffs because purchase prices on the energy market have risen to an ‘unusually high level’. “We tried to reduce the tariffs for a while because we had previously bought cheaper energy. But prices have now risen so exorbitantly that you can’t avoid it,’ explains a spokeswoman for energy supplier.

Agreement with Brussels: fertilizer policy much stricter for Dutch farmers, but in phases

At the behest of Brussels, the Dutch fertilizer policy phased out in the coming years.

Agriculture Minister Henk Staghouwer will inform the House of Representatives around midday that the Netherlands will lose the so-called dispensation in 2026. Until that year, a so-called ‘step-down path’ applies, confirms the Ministry of Agriculture after reports from e.g. Telegraph.

Heavy showers ahead with local hail, thunderstorms and strong gusts. Beware of slippery roads

A large part of Holland will have to deal with showers, and also hail, gusts of wind and a lot of precipitation in a short time .

The first showers draw according to Weather online In the afternoon we entered the southwestern part of the Netherlands. On Tuesday evening and on the night of Wednesday, there may be heavy showers in several places. This could be followed by a wet Thursday morning.

Man from Stroobos (69) gets community service after threatening cyclists. ‘I just got angrier’

A driver from Stroobos (69) who got into a fight with a group of cyclists on 21 May 2020, is allowed by the police judge to do forty hours of community service for threatening, destroying a bicycle and dangerous driving behaviour.

The man established, as it turned out on Monday during a police judge’s hearing, that the five cyclists from Stadskanaal, who come from Kolonelsdiep, behaved dangerously at the roundabout in Gerkesklooster. The cyclists, in turn, accused the driver of dangerous driving. One of the Groningers – in his own words from the impact – threw a water bottle at the bonnet, after which the driver became enraged and started the chase.

The drunken Leeuwarder (19) loses his scooter and his driver’s license when he checks the Tesselschadestraat

A 19-year-old resident of Leeuwarden lost his driver’s license and his scooter on Sunday. The man was riding his scooter on the Tesselschadestraat in Leeuwarden around 10.15pm when he was stopped by police officers.

The driver had to take a breathalyzer and was found to be under the influence of alcohol. The officers also discovered that the scooter from Leeuwarder had a 180cc engine. The scooter was therefore seized and the driver was arrested.

More in the news:

* Minister of Agriculture Henk Staghouwer will only come with a package after Prinsjesdag,, political choices for agriculture ”.

* Buggy drivers get hurt to the leg after a collision with a car at an intersection in Stiens.

* Waadhoeke organizes for the first time on 29 September your own local Veterans Day for the 400 (former) soldiers who live in the municipality.

* Second edition of Zuidergracht concert attracts 2000 people and gives more than 12,000 euros to the Food Bank Leeuwarden.

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