Reception of Ukrainian refugees Rivium expanded

Sep 6, 3:10 p.m

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CAPELLE • The reception capacity for Ukrainian refugees in Rivium will be expanded until the end of this year, to a maximum of 280.

The office building in the Capelse Rivium neighborhood, which has been converted into a temporary housing complex, will be expanded in stages this autumn to accommodate a maximum of 250 to 280 Ukrainian refugees. There are currently 107 refugees living in Rivium. In addition, around 100 Ukrainians are received by private individuals in Capelle.

Next week, a contractor will begin converting the first and second floors of the former Imtech office into bedrooms. It is expected that additional refugees will be able to move to these floors in mid-October. The ground floor will also be finished at the beginning of November, so there will be room for 200 refugees. There are already refugees living on several floors, but these premises are getting an ‘upgrade’. After this, the 3rd floor must also be renovated with a completion date of early December. Before the end of the calendar year, depending on the family composition, 250 to 280 Ukrainians can be accommodated.

Rotterdam-Rijnmond security region receives 3,750 refugees
In June, agreements were reached within the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Security Region (VRR) on the ‘distribution’ of Ukrainian refugees among the regional municipalities by population. Before September 30, the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region, which includes Capelle, must realize a total of 3,000 reception places and 3,750 reception places before January 31, 2023. For Capelle, this means that we must accept at least 189 refugees. During the summer holidays, the municipality of Capelle offered the Security Region to further scale up the temporary shelter and accommodate more people who had fled Ukraine.

Mayor Peter Oskam: “It is a major operation to further prepare the office building in Rivium for the reception of refugees. There is now a dire need for extra reception places, because refugees who until recently were received in Rotterdam on the ship De Volendam must be accommodated in new places. The municipality of Capelle has responded by organizing temporary emergency shelter for 11 Ukrainians in a hotel in the city. These people are supervised by Rivium’s project management. When the renovation is finished, these people will also move to the reception area in Rivium.”

Activities for Ukrainians
In recent months, Capelle volunteers from different neighborhoods, the churches and the food bank have done a lot to make the life of Ukrainians in Capelle as comfortable as possible. The municipality supports and contributes where possible with human and financial resources. The Van Cappellen Foundation has been called upon for several initiatives. Tickets have been arranged and a bus trip to a football match and zoo has been arranged, weekly coffee mornings are held in Huizen van de Wijk and countless activities are organized at the shelter site. From music to sports and games, for young and old.

Activities will also take place in the coming weeks. On 14 September, a ‘creative women’s evening’ will be organized at the reception site by volunteers from the diaconal platform. On September 15, there is a Ukrainian meeting in Huis van de Wijk in Schollevaar. Refugees who now live in Rivium and who are welcomed at home by Capellen residents are welcome here. 21 September there is a tour of the Capelle; a tour through the Capelle for Ukrainian refugees, ending with pancakes in the Neighborhood Fascinatio. In addition, monthly prayer meetings are held in Laankerk. People from Capellen who want to help as volunteers or who have specific initiatives can report to the municipality via

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