Surprisingly versatile: Open Monument Day 2022


ZUTPHEN – September 10 and 11 is Open Monument Day. Throughout the municipality of Zutphen, dozens of historic buildings, studios, towers and museums are freely accessible throughout the weekend. “This year, the opening is on Friday afternoon in Het Koelhuis, where the Palatinate Prize is also awarded. Everyone is welcome to Zutphen this weekend,’ said chairman Ineke Hissink-Kapper.

Opening and the Palatinate Prize in Het Koelhuis
The official opening of Open Monuments Day 2022 will take place in Het Koelhuis on Friday 9 September. Ineke Hissink-Kapper, chairperson of Open Monuments Day Zutphen, will speak briefly and after the official opening, which also includes heritage councilor Sjoerd Wannet, the presentation of The Palatinate Prize. This prize is awarded every two years by the Wijnhuisfonds and is intended for individuals and companies that have renovated their premises or location in a culturally and historically responsible manner. In addition to the winner, who is chosen by an expert jury, the audience award will also be announced. After the award ceremony, there is the possibility of an exclusive tour of Het Koelhuis.

You can vote for the public award until September 8 at 18.00 via the Wijnhuisfonds Paltsprijs 2022 Facebook page.

Various program
Like previous editions, the program is again surprisingly versatile. In addition to the opening of historic buildings, museums and studios, there are also guided tours, performances and walking tours. The national sustainability theme is also concretized in different ways. What is special this year is that in honor of De Nederlanden’s 175th anniversary in 1845, there are all kinds of activities in the De Brandkas van Henny museum. It is also possible to take a look inside Huis ‘t Velde, the Salvation Army’s residence on Hagepoortplein and the Tasting Rooms on Vispoortplein. The Burgerzaal is used as an information center at the weekend. There are stands of sponsors and associations, different walks start and there is a book market. You can also download the Open Monuments Day program here for free.

Unveiling of the Monument of the Year
On Sunday morning at 11.30 the Monument of the Year will be ‘unveiled’. Councilor Sjoerd Wannet leaves around 11, together with board members of Open Monuments Day Zutphen, in a sustainable electric Step In Step Out bus from ‘s Gravenhof to Metaheirhuisje at the Jewish cemetery. On the spot, he gives the green light to this crowdfunding campaign.

Since 2016, Zutphen Municipality and Open Monument Day Zutphen have chosen a project where Zutphen’s heritage is preserved and strengthened in a special way. This year the honor goes to Metaheirhuisje. The cottage, built in 1887, was restored in 2013, but then the patio doors on the side of the cemetery were not replaced because the resources were exhausted. Replacement is now urgently needed. Also, the paint of the house is in bad condition after almost ten years. Everyone is welcome at this official time or during the opening on Sunday until

Children & Crafts21
This year, of course, there is also plenty to do for children and families. The museums Zutphen, Buitesociëteit and Erve Eme have various fun activities for children on the programme. From Open Monument Day, there is puppet theater in Schuilkapel De Wildeman, and in connection with the local theme year 1572, a children’s activity has been chosen at Spanjaardspoort. There is a storyteller here and children can get to work with their own sword or hobby horse, after which they will be knighted. The well-known stamp campaign is of course also included in the program booklet, with which children can earn a free ice cream from Talamini.

On Sundays there is also Ambacht21 for the older youth. During this festival, everyone can get to know (new) technology in a fun and active way. The map in the program booklet for Open Monuments Day shows where the activities in Ambacht21 are.

Open Monument Day Zutphen: Saturday 10 September at 10.00-17.00 and Sunday 11 September at 11.00-17.00. More info: See also the program booklet, which can be obtained free of charge in various places in Zutphen municipality. This can also be viewed online on the Open Monuments Day Zutphen website.

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