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In memory of: Eddie Rondeel

A life as a shooter in brotherhood, loyalty and service

Eddie Rondeel died on July 15th, a native of Lichtenvoorde, born and raised, who devoted his life to his love of music and social life. Therefore, here is an in memoriam on behalf of St. The Switbertus Militia.

Eddie was a member of St. Switbertus Archery Guild for over forty years, from 10th September 1979. Eddie was very involved from the start and could be found in every activity. Not only Eddie, but almost the entire Rondeel family was or is a member of the Archery Guild. As a salesman, drummer, trumpeter, major or commander. When the archery club was founded in 1981, Eddie also became a member and from 1986 he was a member of the board for eight years.

He also contributed during the renovation of Swite in the 90s, and in every possible way he managed to find a suitable job. His child, it was the music though. At first on a clarion, without valves, then on the bass and finally on the sousaphone that most people know.

Eddie was always the same modesty. It therefore required the association a great deal of effort to find pictures of Eddie from the extensive photo archive of Saint Switbertus. And if there was a picture with Eddie to be found, he was usually somewhere in the background. Despite his modesty, Eddie was very active in the music department at St. The Switbertus Guild. He never missed a single rehearsal with the winds on Sunday mornings and was also present at all parades, serenades and other activities. Especially the performances during the carnival processions in Bocholt were his passion and life.

Eddie has done a great job for the association. For example, he kept the music archive, arranged for the repair of defective instruments and undertook the supervision of the youth. Eddie had a special place in his heart for them. He was a co-organiser of various youth camps, youth afternoons and the hexaathlon. Acted as leader of the group during the Four Days Marches in the evening and tried to get the young people excited about music through his project ‘Music is Fun’, where he went to the primary schools in Lichtenvoorde with different musicians. Who knows, maybe it will even get new members to the association.

As of mid-2010, Eddie has been a member of the board of St. Switbertus. His job here was music in general. He made sure that the musicians arrived in good time for rehearsals and performances and lined up the chairs in the rehearsal room. He was also one of the founders of the collaboration between harmoni St. Cecilia and St. Switbertus. This resulted in March 2022 in the establishment of a new music association called Lumio.

If anything besides the music was important to Eddie, it was drinking the beer after practice. He loved the camaraderie and chatting with the other musicians about anything and everything. He also wanted to be king of the guild. For years he has been trying to take the bird down, in the days before he was already frantically decorating the household. Unfortunately, he was unable to achieve that honorary title. He almost succeeded once. The bird dropped a little and the next shooter fired the last shot.

Characteristic of Eddie was also his dry humor. For example, he reported at the last hospital visit that he had not been re-elected to the board for the annual meeting in September. His place has now been taken by his brother Martin, who has offered to take over from Eddie.

Eddie Rondeel was a Unionist at heart and soul, who had St. Switbertus’ motto ‘Brotherhood Faith and Service’ of utmost importance. Members and board of St. Switbertu’s archery guild will miss him tremendously, especially in the coming fair days.

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