De Volkskrant TV excerpt for Thursday 8 September

Geoff Stults (left) and Chris Hemsworth in Nicolai Fuglsig’s ’12 Strong’.Picture AP


NPO 2, 20.23

Report magazine zembla opens the season with a new chapter in the pfas dossier. The program has previously delved into the ‘forever chemicals’ scandal in the western Scheldt; these chemical compounds hardly break down in nature and are harmful to humans. The Belgian 3M factory, which for a long time discharged chemicals into the Scheldt, was closed for this reason, but now it seems that the pfas content has not decreased since then. zembla follows the trail back to the origin and makes a discovery with major consequences for the Netherlands.

Inspection service of value

NPO 3, 20.25

After two years of holidays close to home, flying was allowed again this summer. Yet we no longer board a plane as rashly as before: flight shame puts an end to that. it is Inspection service of value noticed that holiday sellers have found something about it. Sustainable vacations, with or without flights, have been a trend lately. How do travel agencies and tour operators guarantee that our trip is not at the expense of the climate or the environment? And if we pay extra for it, who will those euros end up with?

12 strong

RTL 7, 8.30 p.m

(War, Nicolai Fuglsig, 2018) Shortly after 9/11, a group of American soldiers (played by, among others, Chris Hemsworth and Michael Shannon) are given a few weeks to paralyze the Taliban in Afghanistan. To this end, they are dropped into enemy territory and must team up with an Afghan warlord. As for the flat, simplistic handling of a true story, increasing 12 strong not over other war movies. Fortunately, the debutant Fuglsig appetites the uncomplicated testosterone entertainment, where horses play a decisive role in the mission. 12 strong is at times an interesting mix of western and war movies, with soldiers on horseback galloping across a battlefield while the Taliban bombard them with rocket launchers.

Sahara/Fool’s Gold

Only 17, 20.30 / 23.00

(Adventure film, Breck Eisner, 2005; Andy Tennant, 2008) Two films from the time when Matthew McConaughey was mainly a pretty boy: with a little goodwill you could call them cult. IN Sahara the actor is a polished American treasure hunter who meets a Spanish doctor (Penélope Cruz) in Mali. It was aired after Fool’s Gold is an action comedy about the hunt for an 18th century shipwreck with treasure on board. The film is packed to the brim with tanned bodies in bathing suits, action on and under water, bland sexual insinuations, curious supporting roles and clichés in all guises.

Penelope Cruz, Matthew McConaughey and Steve Zahn in Breck Eisner's 'Sahara'.  Picture

Penelope Cruz, Matthew McConaughey and Steve Zahn in Breck Eisner’s ‘Sahara’.

Papa’s cinema

TV 5 Monday, 21.02

(Drama, Claude Berri, 1971) With his fourth feature, French director Claude Berri looked back at his own youth in the 1940s, as fondly as he was reckless. Claude Langmann (played as a child by Alain Cohen, as an adult by Berri himself) grows up in Paris in the Jewish family of the furrier Henri (Yves Robert). Claude desperately wants to become an actor, but his father doesn’t like it at first: He wants his son to take over the business. However, the blood creeps where it cannot get in this chronicle. Dutch subtitles.

Claude Berri (left) and Yves Robert in 'Le cinéma de papa'.  Picture

Claude Berri (left) and Yves Robert in ‘Le cinéma de papa’.

2Doc: Private conversations

NPO 2, 22.19

A life with cancer is difficult, and a sex life with cancer is almost impossible. This is evident from the stories of three couples who Private conversations tell how their intimacy changed after one of them got cancer. These are issues that are not addressed in the medical process and often remain unresolved in the relationship. Joost feels less like a man as he has to miss a testicle due to cancer. Nzinga is so tired that hugs are already too much. Wim and Carla’s relationship changes after Wim undergoes major prostate surgery.



BBC 2, at 11pm

Dan and Carla (Dylan Moran and Morgana Robinson) have reached a difficult point in their relationship. Dan has recently been told he’s redundant, and Carla wonders if her current situation really is all life has to offer. Add to that their significant age difference, plus the fact that Carla’s ex-girlfriend Maya has resurfaced, and it’s clear there’s a problem. The black comic and surrealist series Stuck turns the traditional romcom upside down with two experienced comedians in the lead.

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