Everyone thinks something about Rob Jetten, who chooses energy forum

Many people think something about ‘gas minister’ Rob Jetten going to an energy forum in America when the general deliberations are held in the House of Representatives. This ensures that the D66 politician with ‘Jetten General Views’ is high on the trending list on Twitter. “Let this clown stay in America,” says Jan Hoek, for example, on the platform.

There are also expressions such as unacceptable, resignation and sweet trip. Not only people who follow politics from the outside give their opinion about Rob Jetten and his decision until after Prinsjesdag. Prime Minister Mark Rutte also did that today. Rutte calls his climate and energy minister’s decision ‘of national importance’. The prime minister defends in a letter that also ministers Wopke Hoekstra (foreign affairs) and Liesje Schreinemacher (development cooperation). Like Jetten, they are not present at the ordinary political reflections. Especially for the D66, PVV leader Geert Wilders did not have a good word to say on Tuesday. He demanded that all ministers attend the two-day marathon debate on the plans presented by the government on Budget Day.

Rob Jetten ‘minister for high energy bills’

Hoekstra and Schreinemacher will not participate because they want to participate in the UN General Assembly in New York. The jet is absent so he can show off at the Global Clean Energy Action Forum in the American city of Pittsburgh. He participates in a meeting on cooperation in the energy transition. In both cases, according to Rutte, it is of “Dutch interest” that the ministers are present.

Wilders considers it a sign of “contempt and arrogance” that Jetten, as “minister for the high energy bill”, will not be present when the main points of cabinet policy are discussed, and instead “will take a CO2 trip to the US and then participate in a conference”. On the same day as Geert Wilders’ tirade, Rob Jetten received ‘the Sustainable Suitcase’.

‘Energy Forum is very important’

Rutte defends Jetten and says that the forum the energy minister is going to is an important meeting. A meeting that provides an opportunity to consult with the United States and 31 other countries. According to the prime minister, this will enable Jetten to prepare for the UN climate summit in November.

The prime minister says that he finds it important that the entire cabinet is present “as much as possible” at the general political reflections. But he also believes that there are limits. For example, he states that there is not enough room in the House of Representatives for all secretaries of state, in addition to the fact that ministers sometimes also have to make important foreign business trips.

Only MPs speak

The reflections are among the most important debates of the year. But it is only the prime minister who speaks on behalf of the government. During the first day, a large part of the cabinet is present, but only the MPs speak. And not Rob Jetten.

Last year, the opposite happened to Rob Jetten. Then a Member of Parliament, Caroline van der Plas (BBB), did not come to Prinsjesdag from the caretaker cabinet at the time. She was opposed to the Rutte III cabinet showing plans to the press rather than to the members of the House of Representatives.

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Everyone (including Rutte) thinks something about Rob Jetten, who thinks energy is more important than general considerations

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