Rijck & Eerlijck is now completely free of palm oil

A growing group of consumers are looking for honest and responsible food, prepared with respect for the planet. That is why Puratos has now made its Rijck & Eerlijck products, which for many years have been E-number-free, lactose-free and clean label-free, now also completely palm oil-free.

Rijck & Eerlijck is a unique series of bread improvers for large loaves, small loaves and fruit loaves. All variants are lactose-free and have a clean label. “Clean label provides the shortest possible list of ingredients, whereby we exclude as far as possible the use of additives (E-numbers) and synthetic coloring and flavoring substances. The only E number we leave in Rijck & Eerlijck is E300: ascorbic acid or vitamin C.”

Taste tomorrow

Every three years, Puratos conducts a major consumer trend survey to find out what is happening in the market and what questions consumers have. In 44 different countries, more than 19,000 consumers are asked about their behavior when it comes to buying and consuming food. “This study called Taste Tomorrow shows that more and more consumers are very aware of what
they eat,” said Vincent. “They choose sustainably produced food that is made with respect for the planet.
Further research* also shows that a whopping 54% of consumers try to avoid products containing palm oil. Therefore, the supply of
products without palm oil. With our renewed Rijck & Eerlijck range, we offer the traditional baker in the Netherlands the opportunity to actively meet these consumer wishes.”

Fair product

Puratos is committed to contributing to a better world and a healthy planet. “Our new slogan is Food Innovation for Good”, explains Vincent. “This means that we want to make food that is good for both people and the environment. Our choice to no longer process palm oil at Rijck & Eerlijck fits seamlessly into this vision. Now that vegetable oils are scarce and expensive, it can be tempting to turn to cheaper and more readily available alternatives. We choose to permanently avoid palm oil in this range. In this way, the artisan baker has an honest story for his customer and an honest product that is rich in taste.”

Extra tender, extra flavour

Because awareness for responsible food can be high, taste remains top of mind when it comes to purchasing decisions. “The taste of Rijck & Eerlijck is fine”, Vincent assures users. “Puratos has also improved the tenderness of all types of Rijck & Eerlijck. We have achieved this by using the latest technologies with enzymes based on natural sources. Sourdough has also been added to the Rijck & Eerlijck Klein and Rijck & Eerlijck White varieties. This not only ensures extra tolerance in the processing process, but also improves the taste of these types of bread. Puratos calls itself a sourdough specialist and is the only raw material supplier in the world that even has a special sourdough library. So we know better than anyone how to use sourdough for flavor.”

Current consumer wishes

With Rijck & Eerlijck Wit, Bruin, Klein and/or Vrucht, the artisan baker serves a growing group of consumers, according to Vincent. “Puratos has been offering the Rijck & Eerlijck range for more than seven years, but the demand for such products has recently picked up. With types of bread that are lactose-free, E-number-free, palm oil-free and clean label, the artisan bakery responds to the current wishes of more and more consumers. Puratos has therefore given the existing range of Rijck & Eerlijck a new interpretation, a new logo and a new look. Fresh but recognizable. We are convinced that the craftsmanship of these honest types of bread with their rich taste will make many customers happy!”

*Source: Initial Concept research commissioned by The Flower Farm

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