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New culture councilor Marita van Lierop on Helmond Municipality’s art and culture policy, Joke Smeulders on the new cultural breeding ground and Arno Oberendorff on the new Post#5700 fund.

The 84th edition of Kunstlokaal42 on Wednesday 21 September will therefore be a busy evening. We meet the new councilor for culture, Mrs Marita van Lierop, and Joke Smeulders and Arno Oberendorff introduce us to the new fund Post#5700 and a new cultural breeding ground, housed in the old mail sorting center at Watermolenwal in Helmond.

Municipal elections were held in mid-March and at the end of March we had temporary culture councilor Andrew Harijgens as a guest in Kunstlokaal42. He will not return to the new Board of Mayor and Councilors announced in early June. We meet the new councilor for culture, Mrs Marita van Lierop. She will give an account of the arts and culture policy in the coming period. What will change, what will be new?

Helmond wants to profile itself as ‘City with the creators of the future’, an inclusive city. Over the next 3 to 10 years, the Post#5700 Foundation and the cultural breeding ground will continue to develop to give more artists and creators a place in the city. This means acquiring and managing buildings in Helmond, where studios can provide exchange between artists, from local to international.

POST#5700 is an artistic expression for initiator Joke Smeulders, it is a track she as an artist makes through time, from idea to reality. Together with Thomas Pieters, Volop Brabant, Volop Helmond and Helmond Municipality, she sat down in March 2022 to shape the plans.

The building, which includes a large work area and a few small rooms, is now a creative laboratory for artists. There is enough space for projects, workshops, meetings, exhibitions and events.

Thomas Pieters mainly focuses on the garage for Post#5700. It can become a place for young new talents from the city. Young people with their own band (or theater group, etc.) can find shelter there and, under supervision, make it their ‘own underground place’.

In collaboration with MBO music education (Rock City Institute & Sint Lucas in Eindhoven), an underground rehearsal space/band stage is being built together with trainees. This creates a connection between Helmond and art education in other cities.

In this way, the goal is to create a youth center close to the cultural breeding ground for professional creators. In this way, a bridge is built between young and established artists. In this way, POST#5700 can also act as a ‘cultural guide’ for young people towards art and music colleges and MBOs.

The Cultural Incubator is supported by the POST#5700 Foundation, which is being established. Board member Arno Oberendorff will tell us more about the plans for this foundation, which will continue as just the cultural breeding ground. For now, the foundation and the incubator will work together on a safe space to experiment, exhibit for local and regional budding creators, where young creators can research, develop and present and meet each other in an atmosphere where visitors are welcome.

It promises to be another exciting evening on Wednesday 21 September. There will of course be time for questions and discussion afterwards.

New episode: the beer moment.

At the end of the evening, Jurr Buijinck, manager of Lokaal42 and a great beer connoisseur, will tell us something about a new beer in the range, regardless of whether it suits the season or the topic. You can of course drink the relevant beer afterwards.

Marita van Lierop

Marita van Lierop was born on 30 September 1971 in Helmond. After her secondary education (Rijksatheneum Molen-straat), she followed professional courses in English at Fontys Hogeschool in Tilburg. She was a teacher of English in several high schools and head of the Mavo department at Carolus Borromeus College. She has been a party member in 50Plus since 2020, and since June 2022 she has been a councilor on behalf of this party for, among other things, culture, events and elderly policy. She also holds board positions with, among others, the councilor in the Deutekomstichting, Regional Historic Center Eindhoven and Logeerhuis Plezant.

Joke Smulders

Visual artist Joke Smeulders was born on 6 March 1949 in Nuenen, where she grew up. She studied Autonomous Design at the Academy in Tilburg. Since 1973 she lives and works in Helmond. She makes installations, projects in public space and community art. She also works audiovisually.

Arno Oberendorff

Arno Oberendorff was born into a creative family on 26 October 1949. After 55 years in the hairdressing profession, he is retired. He has his own studio in Uilenburcht, where he makes paintings and sculptures, was and is musically active in Arno en de Sletjes and Phileutonia. He held and holds various board positions, especially in the cultural sector: Chairman Advisory Board for culture Helmond, Udvalg Stadskunstenaar, co-founder/board member 60’s pop, Pinksterpodium, 0492 pop scene, Lambertussoos, Stichting Lambertushof, KNNV afdeling Helmond, Post# 5700.

Kunstlokaal42 is an activity of Lokaal42, located at Markt in Helmond. The purpose of Kunstlokaal42 is to promote and maintain the discourse within art and culture in Helmond. The evenings are aimed at all (art) enthusiasts, the curious, amateur and professional artists and everyone else who just wants to experience an interesting and/or fascinating evening.

The evenings start at 9pm and are free to attend. The program lasts approximately one and a half hours. After the official part, the gathering can continue in a cozy atmosphere until the wee hours.

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