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IJmuiden – On the Cruyff Court at the Pleiadenplantsoen, the starting signal was given for a special project on Friday afternoon. Through this project, children and young people from less well-off districts get access to sports and culture close to home. Across the Netherlands, the Youth Fund Sport & Culture and the Johan Cruyff Foundation join forces to roll out this project. In addition to Velsen municipality, KunstForm, the local organization for cultural education, also participates.

By Raimond Bos

It had actually been supposed that two-time world champion ground moves Nasser el Jackson would give a show on Friday afternoon, but due to a communication error, he turned out not to have this performance on his agenda. It resulted in some confused faces among children who had come to Cruyff Court especially for him, but that disappointment quickly disappeared because there was so much to do this afternoon. For example, a group of children could start musical singing at Koel, while others could start street dancing at DanceWorks. There was also the opportunity to master programming or to put together the house of the future. Several dozen children turned up and eagerly made use of the activities on offer.

Computer programming

Today, it is important for young children to become familiar with computers from an early age. The educational program LEGO WeDo responds well to this. Velsen Library has a number of sets of these programmable toys. Children can also get started at OBS De Pleiaden all this month. Susann, an employee at Velsen Library and active in both IJmuiden and Velserbroek, showed on Friday afternoon how to start a LEGO cart by programming. She showed how to push blocks in a row on a touch screen. Each block represents a command, such as forward or backward, but also playing music, for example. When properly programmed, the LEGO vehicle will do exactly what you want it to do. “Do you like it?” asks Susann when a little boy finishes the job. “Yes!”, he beams. Then quickly move to another activity.


Councilor Marianne Steijn was present on Friday at the kick-off of Cultuur@CruyffCourts and spoke to both the children present and the providers of activities. At the architecture workshop, she took a seat at the table to help the children build their own house of the future. ,,I didn’t know anything about it myself, but how wonderful it is that you can do something like this in a playful way”, she stated afterwards. The councilor is happy about the collaboration that Velsen municipality has entered into with the Youth Sports & Culture Foundation. She explains: “By connecting sport and culture, they ensure that you can develop yourself, and they provide movement. In addition, you make social contacts, and it is good for learning social skills.” Throughout September, children can participate in these workshops on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons.

Flow through

Initially, Cultuur@CruyffCourts aims to bring children and young people into contact with sport and culture in an accessible way. The idea behind this is that participation in cultural activities is by no means a matter of course for everyone. Moreover, not everyone has sufficient resources to pay for this. When children move on from this project to a regular activity, they get a refund from the Youth Sports & Culture Foundation. “In this way we preserve the culture for our next generation and we ensure more equal opportunities,” says Marianne Steijn. She is therefore excitedly looking forward to the long-term effect of the project: “If more young people sign up for our cultural institutions, the purpose of this action has been achieved.” see which activities take place on which days. The festive end of the project will take place on 30 September from Hopefully with the show of Nasser el Jackson.

In the picture:
Programming a LEGO vehicle using a touch screen. (Photo: Bos Media Services)

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