Stocks not for a while, but crypto is showing a rally watcher moving well ahead of the market, and there is plenty of news

The AEX indicator is flat at 674, after a nice Wall Street, which rose 0.6% on the words – say the networks – from the Fed chairman.

He stated again yesterday that the Fed will continue to fight inflation until then finished work is. At least not at the expense of the economy.

  • European futures all open at and around zero
  • US rises from 0.1% for blue chips to 0.3% for technology
  • In Asia, all and sundry are up around 0.6%, but the Hang Seng is up 2.5%. I don’t see a reason on the networks so quickly
  • Volatility (CBOE VIX index) closed -4.2% at 23.6
  • The dollar hits 0.6% at 1.006
  • Gold is up +0.7%, oil is up over 1% and crypto is on the rise!

I give the interest, because it is going strong again. We are above 2%, Italy is accelerating and has anyone seen the Bottom? Who doesn’t dare anymore? All this on the Fed and the ECB.

On that crypto rally, just look at bitcoin:

I can’t find any news other than this. It can also be technical, maybe not so weird in and around awkward positions.

So this, how do you pay attention to this on a fair site? FT today:

RIP, The Queen has reigned so long that the Refinitiv dates don’t even go back that far. The pound then, but it doesn’t go back to 1952 either. It’s almost halved. By the way, I don’t know if the London Stock Exchange is open today.

Yesterday the ECB went down on its knees, today the Danish central bank is the last in the world to skip negative interest rates and on September 22 the Fed increases by three quarters. The market is convinced of this after Fed Jerome Powell’s speech yesterday, where he once again preached the fight against inflation.

Are we getting headlines? Today, EU energy ministers meet to discuss this week’s Brussels proposals for reforming the energy market. Nothing can be found on the networks, but according to FD, the Netherlands supports these proposals: also limiting the purchase price of gas from Russia (price ceiling).

Here are the Dutch gas and German electricity futures again: let’s hope they finish the patterns according to the books? Then implode.

Another duo, the AEX posted a lower intraday reading again yesterday – you can send the flowers to a French lady in Frankfurt – and our interest rate is again above 2.0%.

Because it’s Friday, AEX versus analysts’ expected revenue and profit. They cannot be broken as you can see. Also see the ECB yesterday who was gloomy about the literal economic winter coming, with probably a recession and imploding purchasing power: it can’t go on like this… can it?

However, this does not mean that prices will fall (further).

There is zero company news now before the Damrak fair, but any questions? Corné van Zeijl is a guest on the IEXBeleggersPodcast today, which I record together with colleague Niels Koerts.

News, advice, shorts and agenda

The main ABM Financial news since the Amsterdam close yesterday.

  • 08:03 Kepler Cheuvreux removes NN from the purchase list
  • 07:57 AEX probably started a little higher
  • 07:07 European shares are expected to open slightly higher
  • 07:00 Chinese inflation fell unexpectedly
  • 06:59 Dutch industry produces 4 percent more
  • 06:58 Chinese producer prices rise less quickly again
  • 06:54 The stock exchange’s agenda: macroeconomic
  • 06:53 Exhibition agenda: foreign foundations
  • 06:52 Exhibition agenda: Dutch companies
  • September 8 Wall Street closes higher after Powell speech
  • 08 September Stock market update: AEX on Wall Street
  • 08 Sep US consumer credit grows less quickly
  • 08 Sep The oil price rises
  • Sep 08 Wall Street volatile after Powell’s speech
  • Sep 08 European shares split after ECB interest rate hike

AFM reports these shorts:


13:00 Kroger – US Q2 figures

03:30 Consumer and producer prices – August (Chi)
06:30 Industrial production – July (NL)
08:45 Industrial production – July (from)
11:30 Industrial production – July (Bel)
16:00 Wholesale Stock – July (USA)

And then this


In memory of:

As if Britain didn’t already have enough on its mind. Incidentally, it is not going well for companies and banks:

It’s like this, quote:

Washington remains concerned that China’s government and its biggest companies are taking a bigger role in technical groups that determine how technology is designed and used globally, theoretically giving companies a competitive edge that the United States considers national security threats.

It’s the cycle, dummy!

Is this the first time ever? -6.4%:

Just judge:

Now the rest:

Well, that was it:

For those who like:

Have fun and good luck today.

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