Bodil Ouédraogo, Circusbende or Ocho & Ibs: Who will win the Amsterdam Prize 2022?

The Amsterdam Prize for Art will be awarded again on 10 October. In the run-up to the award ceremony, AT5 will present the nominees to you. Today we present you the nominees in the ‘Incentive Award’ category: visual artist Bodil Ouédraogo, the circus organization Circusbende and the rap duo Ocho & Ibs. These talents can be seen in the AT5 program The Amsterdam Prize for Art.


“What I focus on is the art of dressing up, the art of wearing”

Bodil Ouédraogo – visual artist

Visual artist Bodil Ouédraogo is a unique voice in the Dutch fashion world. The jury for the Amsterdam Prize praises her for the individuality and layering of her work, which is at the crossroads between fashion and fine art. “What I focus on is the art of dressing up, the art of wearing.”

One of Ouédraogo’s works, a collaboration with Amsterdam Fashion Week, was exhibited for a while at the Stedelijk Museum. “It was an installation performance of a video I made in Burkina Faso about how to wear a certain type of garment.” In this case magnificent boubou, a flowing cloak with wide sleeves worn throughout West Africa. “I almost see this as a kind of tutorial film actually. To be able to see the layers of identity next to, over and on top of each other, that’s what I’m looking for.”

The jury sees in Ouédraogo, with his particularly powerful work, a talent with international potential.

“I think we’ve said many times, this will work”

DO VERSCHRAGEN – circus gang

The young ambitious organization Circusbende leaves behind all old ideas about the circus with its mobile circus. With a changing group of national and international talent, they travel to different Amsterdam neighborhoods with acrobatic performances.

Do Verschrage and Chiva Bons (r)

Co-founder Do Verschragen about the start of Circusbende: “You sometimes see street theater, to what extent it is still allowed. Someone with a guitar on Dam Square or on stilts. But not that you see a whole performance. I think We have said very often, it will work.” Colleague and friend Chiva Bons adds: “We’re also just starting to do well, with a lot of support from great people.” With result: In the corona year 2021, we managed to reach more than ten thousand visitors in the North, West and East at the Circusbende festival.

“We both noticed that we lacked some kind of male guidance”

Nichowell Nicholas – rapper
Nichowell Nicholas and Ibsan Burnet(r)

Two young artists from the Zuidoost, born and raised in Bijlmer: Nichowell Nicholas and Ibsan Burnet, or the rap duo Ocho & Ibs, have been making music for about ten years. Characteristic is the vulnerability expressed in their texts. “We have experienced certain things, and we express that in our music. People can identify with that, there is always someone who can identify with what you have experienced.”

Besides the music, the duo plays an active role in inspiring young people. They focus on young men who have grown up without a father figure to bring out the best in themselves. “We both noticed that we lacked some form of male guidance and that many boys in our circle suffered from this. So we want to fill the role that we ourselves have been missing.”

“I’d rather avoid the mistakes I’ve made for others,” says Burnet. “Not knowing how to deal with my emotions, for example. That’s okay, but it’s important to talk about it.”

Advertising winners

Which of these talents can take home the Amsterdam prize, including an amount of 35,000 euros, will be announced on October 10. Like the other nominees, Ouédraogo hopes to win the award.

Each year, the AFK Amsterdam Award for Art is awarded to three artists or organizations that make a special and stimulating contribution to the arts in the capital. The art prize is awarded in three categories. There is a prize that stimulates innovative artists and initiatives, a prize for the work of the year and one for documented quality. The winners will receive a cash prize of €35,000 and the unique sculpture ‘Skyline remix’, designed by artist Tim Breukers.

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