Catering students prepare sustainable and waste-free food for the title of Brabant Master Chef

Elies Lemkes-Straver, Deputy Director of Agriculture and Food: “In this cooking competition, Brabant’s chefs of the future are challenged to set the tone for a sustainable menu that is both tasty and healthy. The competition connects important themes from our agricultural and food policy framework: food waste, sustainability, healthy nutrition and regional products.”

The chefs of the future

5 teams, consisting of a mix of VMBO and MBO students, from four Brabant hospitality courses (Koning Willem I College, Summa, De Rooi Pannen and SG De Overlaat) will compete in three rounds. A professional jury evaluates the dishes. Twan Musters, Education Manager Food, Hospitality & Grooming at Koning Willem I College: “We think it is important that we work together towards a sustainable future. We respond inventively and innovatively to beautiful food initiatives that contribute to a healthier and fairer food system. At Brabant Mesterkokken, students not only compete for first place, but students also learn to work together with students from other (pre)vocational schools. We show that (v) MBO students are the engine of a sustainable society where there is no room for food waste”.

Kick-off during Waste Free Week

The master chef from Brabant starts the waste-free week on Tuesday 13 September at Koning Willem I College in Cuijk. During this first part of the competition, the chefs prepare top dishes with ingredients from a ‘mystery box’ from the supplier Boerschappen. The students are challenged to cook waste-free food with products not normally found in the supermarket, such as rooster or goat meat or vegetables in a different shape. Toine Timmermans, director of the Together Against Food Waste foundation: “We strive for a more sustainable, circular food system, where raw materials, from seed to skin and from head to tail, are used as efficiently as possible. In the Netherlands, a quarter of all our food is never eaten. All that food is grown, processed, transported, cooled and heated. We put a lot of energy into it. It is all the more important that the chefs of the future will work waste-free!”

Cooking with local products

The 2nd round of Brabant Master Chef on Tuesday 27 September will take place at Summa College in Eindhoven. For this round, the ‘mystery box’ is composed of a number of ‘Caring Farmers’, farmers who run nature-inclusive circular agriculture, that is to say produce in harmony with the environment, nature and landscape. The challenge in this episode is to put together a menu based on only vegetable ingredients.

Final during Dutch Food Week

The competition ends during Dutch Food Week at Koning Willem I College in Den Bosch on Tuesday 11 October. Supplier Herenboeren, a growing citizen movement that gets people to share ownership of a small, mixed farm, fills the ‘mystery box’ with local and seasonal products for the final round.

About the Waste-Free Week

The 4th Waste Free Week takes place from 12 to 18 September organized by Samen Tegen Eten Affald together with the Nutrition Center and more than 100 companies, social organisations, governments and schools. This week the whole of the Netherlands is being inspired to buy, cook and store waste-free.

About Dutch Food Week

The Dutch Food Week takes place from 8 to 15 October. Dutch Food Week is the national stage where food enjoyment, food production and innovation take center stage. Partners from the entire food chain organize activities throughout the Netherlands. Activities dominated by our food today and tomorrow.
The province of Noord-Brabant is one of the supporting organizations of the Samen Tegen Voedingswas foundation and this year’s leading partner of Dutch Food Week.

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