Marc-Marie explains to Gert (van Samson) why his white straight male opinion doesn’t matter – Yep

develop hunting7 Sep 2022 – 18:40

In the end, you have to keep your mouth shut on all sorts of topics if you don’t belong to that particular target group, the argument “you don’t know what it’s like, so you can’t have an opinion” kills any discussion. I’m not gay, not female, not black, not transgender, not elderly, don’t have a scary disease that I know of, not an asylum seeker, not on welfare, not Muslim, not Christian, not a farmer, not a whore, not a lesbian, no relatives who were witches, but I am a white straight male and have no opinion because it is not valued, provided it is an opinion that fits within the framework of the new good culture.


troublemaker8 Sep 2022 – 0:42

“The content of this reply does not comply with the rules of the game. It is no longer possible to reply.”

The Karingin

The Karingin8 Sep 2022 – 4:59

Well, there… the people in those target groups are just asking if you don’t pre-paint a complete picture of them in your head, based on those target group characteristics. They are people, they have things in common, but there are also differences. And; you definitely have something in common with them. And you are different too! Unbelievable, those people

Mr. Vorragend

Mr. VorragendSep 8, 2022 – 6:55 am

@Karingin If one group with stereotypical target audience characteristics is being bombarded here, by commenters on, it is the “white heterosexual male”.


northernerSep 8, 2022 – 6:56 am

You get the FvD/PVV/JA21/BBB voters out in no time.


Gimli1955Sep 8, 2022 – 7:05 am

In the new culture of virtue, the white man with the 7 crosses is at the bottom of the rankings, get used to it. And if you present well-founded arguments, it will be ignored, because you belong at the bottom of that list. You have to be a victim, a masochist and point at others to get higher on that list. As a result, as a white male with the 7 ticks, it is no longer possible to participate in any discussion. He is fundamentally wrong and is therefore discriminated against as much as any victim who is higher on the ranking list. However, it will take a few more years to discover. In the current system, you have to be a victim of something to be allowed to participate in any discussion. Remember that the pawns are generally also white males with sometimes their 7 or 6 ticks as well. Bigotry rules and will eat its own people.


northerner8 Sep 2022 – 9:55 am

@Gimli “In the current system you have to be a victim of something to be allowed to participate in any discussion.” What nonsense. You must know your place and your role in a discussion. And when it comes to a discussion of discrimination against minorities, the white straight man has a different place and role than someone who belongs to a particular minority. It’s not about having fewer rights or being disadvantaged, it’s about knowing your place and role in a discussion. What is so hard or difficult about understanding this?


Baloempoempaloempa8 Sep 2022 – 12:23

You must know your place and your role in a discussion. Oh no. Then there would be no more discussion. The discussions are based on an open and neutral framework. What is a discussion? Person A says this, person B says that. A moderator can then supervise things a bit so that person A and B do not talk at the same time and/or call each other names. It’s a discussion. I have also researched it a bit, etc. Only in dictatorships do you have to know ‘your place’ and there can be no more discussion. Creepy to read what you say. northerner


Gimli19558 Sep 2022 – 12:40 p.m

@Norsemen You don’t know my role and always posting the casual reply killing the discussion is really cowardly. MMH has 6 crosses and pulls out against GV with 7 crosses, to defend one with fewer crosses. As if that person isn’t man or woman enough to do it themselves. Good people often pretend to stand up for others in order to solve the problems of the others. They don’t, because that’s why they themselves are part of the problem. If the smaller ticks now have no room to act, but they don’t. There is only 1 tale of the good people and 1 mantra to be fulfilled. They call it democracy and freedom of speech. Criticism of this is followed by accusations of racism and fascism, so any criticism is impossible. It is a totalitarian regime with a mass psychosis that will always be right through circular reasoning.

No problem

No problem8 Sep 2022 – 13:31

@norsemen ‘ And when it comes to a discussion about discrimination against minorities, the white straight man has a different place and role than someone who belongs to a particular minority.’ What law determines this?


northerner8 Sep 2022 – 15:56

Few things are more exhausting than explaining to stupid, ill-mannered people that they are stupid and ill-mannered.

No problem

No problem8 Sep 2022 – 18:05

@norsemen Just say: I don’t know.


Baloempoempaloempa8 Sep 2022 – 18:10

Nordboer Funny, you’re going to offend right away. We are ‘stupid and ill-mannered’ Where have I been ill-mannered in this discussion? Am I ‘very stupid’ too? Because I don’t agree with you?


Baloempoempaloempa8 Sep 2022 – 18:42

What law determines that? In fact, awakened want total control over the public debate. Woke will control who can and cannot say anything. Extremely Authoritarian/Totalitarian Many Bij1 members are therefore openly Communist/Maoist. They don’t believe in free speech anyway. They believe in one partial elite who have a monopoly on the truth and to whom we must listen. Woke reminds of Maoism. If you then belonged to the ‘wrong class’ in Maoist China, then you were a ‘class enemy’ and you no longer had any rights and you were not allowed to say anything more Read this book. Then you see the comparisons between wake and Maoism. The fanaticism, the mass hysteria, the aggression, the dogmatism, the sectarianism, etc., etc.


northerner8 Sep 2022 – 22:34

@Baloemparoempaloempa It’s not the way you express your opinion that is rude, but the attitude itself is rude. And you are not stupid because you have a different opinion, but because you have a stupid opinion.


Baloempoempaloempa9 Sep 2022 – 9:04 am

As if I care that you think my opinion is ‘ill-mannered’

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