Artist Menno Baars takes action for charity at Sea Bottom 2022

‘It’s very nice to be able to paint en plein in public, the warmth of people around you, the coziness, it can sparkle!’ Menno Baars, cardiologist, co-founder of HartKliniek and gifted, internationally recognized artist with the precise paint stroke, is therefore in exactly the right place on Saturday 17 September. He will then paint a piano live on stage during the BModesto Sea Bottom Festival 2022. The piano, a unique piece, will then be auctioned for charity: Stichting Bram Lelystad.

Baars does not have to think long about why he is so happy about the festival. ‘I like jazz, the limitless, chaos. I like the people who make music and the people who like to listen to it. The Seabed Festival is a good initiative. And for a city that is struggling so much and also enjoys such a negative connotation in the rest of the country, it’s amazing to have organized such a big event with such incredibly good artists for years.”

Beautiful moment

For Baars himself, this action comes at a good time. Since HartKliniek was founded in 2014, which has since grown into a national organization with fourteen departments and the fifteenth already in its infancy, the relationship between the cardiologist and the artist in him has become unbalanced. It is therefore high time to restore that relationship. ‘I can give my patients all the care they need in HartKliniek, which gives me a good feeling. But I’m just a happier, nicer person if I also paint’, says Baars.

The Bram Foundation

The bridge to the Bram Foundation, where the auction proceeds will go, has also been made quickly. The Bram Foundation offers support through activities to parents and carers of young children who are familiar with a form of autism and/or behavioral disorders. Part of their mission is to contribute to these children’s self-reliance and social skills and ensure they discover their superpowers (talents).

Although HartKliniek specializes in adult care and Baars does not work directly with children, he naturally has to deal with forms of autism there. ‘It is also true for these people that a healthy lifestyle and personal happiness significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in later life, so the sooner you can influence this, the better’.

Shot in the rose

It appears that the money will be used to buy instruments for the children. He rejoices: ‘As a result of autism, many talents remain hidden, which is a loss. It is precisely the imperfection that makes people beautiful and exciting. That’s real life.”

For Baars, people and interaction are indeed central to everything. He is therefore not the type of artist who feels comfortable alone in his studio for too long. He prefers to make art with friends around him and a good glass of wine. And, of course, music is also discussed. ‘The creation of a piece of music shows many similarities to the creation of a work of art’.

Also in his work as a doctor, emphasis is placed on the health and happiness of cardiologists. The various cardiology centers in HartKliniek have a cozy atmosphere, there is time for the patient and for the cardiologist. It is a so-called ‘one stop shop’, investigations are carried out on site, so that not only does clarity come quickly, it also creates a bond.

Unleash hidden talents

When asked what Baars would like to give the hopeful bidders for the piano he painted, he says the following: ‘They are buying a piece of art that has been created with the heart for a very good cause, namely unlocking hidden talents in the children who can use it as well as you give them opportunities’.

He has no idea what he’s going to do that night. ‘The ground of the piano is black, so I will definitely bring bright colors of paint. Furthermore, something like this occurs in the present, under the influence of the conversations, the music, the togetherness and the warmth of those present’.

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