Excursions in Groningen and Drenthe: Wat Soesto, Art and Culture 4-Day, dark dance performance, dystopian films and Gastronomy Festival

See a piercing portrait in the performance Wat Soesto, visit the Art and Culture 4-Days, experience a dark dance performance, watch dystopian films or visit the Gastronomy Festival.

“What Soesto!” paints a piercing portrait

Based on the experiences of Freark Smink sketches What a Soesto! a poignant portrait of a contemporary farmer. Protagonist Frans can still remember how as a boy he lay stretched out in the grass and listened to the birds. How proud he was to be a farmer’s son! Under his father’s strict hand, Frans himself learned to become a farmer. It wasn’t always easy, no matter how hard his mother tried to protect him. Later, as an independent farmer, Frans had to deal with demands from the government and pressure from society. He almost wanted to be ashamed of his profession. Frans therefore takes stock.

What would he do with his time if he had to stop? Why doesn’t society say more clearly what they expect from farmers so that he can finally be proud to be a farmer again? Under the direction of Jos Thie, Freark Smink plays the farmer himself and Klaasje Postma his mother. After The emigrant , Veterans and It’s who’s with summer evening is thus another special representation of Pier21 traveling through the north.

Roden – De Pompstee Hall Centre, Fri at 20.00, 23.50 euros

Study route along 26 artists

Stichting Kunst en Cultuur 4-Daagse Midden Drenthe The Foundation aims to bring art and culture as close as possible to the inhabitants of Midden-Drenthe. Organized since 2002 art and culture 4-day study route each year. The foundation is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, which is why the month of September is marked by a studio tour in which twenty-six artists participate.

A number of side activities are also organised, such as workshops for children, Eat and Meet, theater performances and lectures. On the website www.kunstcultuur4daagse.nl contains more information about the program and the locations.

The province of Drenthe – various locations, until September 30, free

Dance performance in pitch darkness

Thirty appearances out of the dark by Arno Schuitemaker is a dance performance that takes place in pitch darkness. A group of performers move across the stage. They are not all visible at the same time, but their presence can always be felt. They appear and disappear, are found and lost again. This gives impressive images, enchanting, mysterious and hypnotic. Everything and everyone is absorbed into a new, limitless dimension, a place of infinite possibilities.

A world is created with its own kind of gravity. Arno Schuitemaker teams up again with composer Aart Strootman and lighting designer Jean Kalman. With him he made his last two performances, i.a This is how you sound tonight winner of the Swan 2019 for the most impressive dance production.

Groningen – SPOT/Stadsschouwburg, Wed at 20.15, 22.50 euros

Dystopia in dark science fiction films

In September, Forum Groningen focuses on dystopian films. From a safe, comfortable seat, visitors can immerse themselves in a diverse array of (modern) classics where humanity lost. Filmmakers have been doing research since the movie Metropolis (1927) the boundaries between fact and fiction in dystopian visions that are as fascinating as they are disturbing.

Because whether you live under a large dome due to the effects of pollution, live an underground existence due to a deadly pandemic or every aspect of your life is guarded by the government: reality is thankfully far away, but never far to seek. There are many titles on the programme, e.g Twelve monkeys , Blade Runner and The trial . Come to Forum Groningen in September and judge for yourself about the predictions from the film about life in our time exactly estate.

Groningen – Groninger Forum, daily until September 28, 11 euros

Culinary feast at the Gastronomy Festival | Advertising

Lovers of culinary snacks and delicious drinks will get something for their money at the second edition of the Gastronomy Festival in Groningen. At the Gastronomy Festival 2022, restaurants, eateries, chefs, specialty shops and local producers present their dishes, drinks and regional products to the public.

Again this year, visitors can enjoy many stands with fish, meat and vegetarian dishes, wines, specialty beers, regional delicacies, desserts, culinary snacks and much more.

Groningen – EC2, Sat at 15, from 15.75 euros

You can find more excursions at dvhn.nl/agenda

You can register for an event via uitservice.nl

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