Sebastian Vettel rages at F1 for ‘environmentally unfriendly’ Monza fly-bys

Just before the start of the Italian Grand Prix, fans were treated to a double flyby of Frecce Tricolori, the Italian Air Force stunt team. At first the stunt planes flew alone, but the second time they were accompanied by an Airbus A350 from ITA Airways, the successor to Alitalia.

The spectacle was a big surprise as the FIA ​​had banned the use of fly-bys. Due to concerns about possible military displays of power and, of course, the environment, the organization imposed a blanket ban on mini airshows in January. However, the Silverstone circuit did not respond.

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100 year old ego

According to the winded hippie who now calls himself the four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel, it is a shame that Monza was still flown. The German used a question from on preserving the historic circuit to strike out against Formula 1 and Italian President Sergio Mattarella (74). According to Vettel, it had ‘approx. 100-year-old’ president out of ego insisted that the traditional flyovers would take place:

“I hope so, and I hope they stop the flyovers. I heard the president insisted on flying over. He’s about 100 years old, so maybe it’s hard for him to let go of this ego stuff. But yeah, that I think that [Monza] must be on the calendar. It’s a great track, it has a great atmosphere.”

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F1 is corrupt

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Sergio Mattarella and Stefano Domenicali at Monza.

Vettel went a little further than blaming the Italian president on his ego and his age. Seb believed that the influence of the head of state has driven F1 to betray the alleged climate goals. So the sport is corrupt. Shocking. Vettel compares F1’s attitude to that of European governments: promising everything but delivering nothing. He hopes that will change. But given his upcoming retirement, he doesn’t want to experience that again:

“But as I said, the flybys – we were promised they were gone and it seems the president has changed his mind and F1 is just giving in to them despite the billboards on the track and certain goals to make the world a better place.” make.”

“F1 needs to get rid of it to be influenced. If you have a goal, then you don’t do it like all countries and let it be that you don’t reach that goal. So you have to keep your word. But time will tell. “

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