Inflation leads to major concerns: “I have to choose: go to the hospital or eat”

Members of the NH Nieuws panel are very concerned about their financial future. This is evident from a survey in which 1,815 members participated. Many of the respondents say that they are already in a bad financial situation and that they look forward to the coming period with fear and trembling. “Shopping is almost impossible”, says panel member Tamara from Velsen, for example.


Kobus from Medemblik must choose. “Or to the hospital for necessary care or food.” The sky-high energy bills and huge price increases mean that more and more people are having a hard time. Another panel member from Stede Broec municipality has already deleted all extras: “We have no sports membership, subscriptions, new clothes and we don’t go out.”

38 percent of those questioned indicate that they are in bad or bad financial shape. A much larger group than last year.

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Inflation rises to great heights and energy is almost unaffordable. People in North Holland are very concerned about this, according to research by NH Nieuws. In the run-up to Prince’s Day, NH Nieuws wonders how the North Dutch keep their heads above water. Therefore, in the coming days we will be in the shopping center De Symfonie in Nieuw-Vennep to investigate the reduced purchasing power that affects you. From all sides: 360 degrees.

From Wednesday to Friday, journalists and editors are off NH News present all day in the former building of Leemans, the shoe chain that went bankrupt in early 2019. We invite you to stop by and share your stories with us while enjoying a cup of coffee.

9 percent say they have major financial problems, and 27 percent say they have a moderate degree. “My own contributions to medicine, more expensive groceries, energy costs that are rising faster than anything else I’ve ever experienced. Every month I’m sinking deeper into debt,” explains Moosje from Bloemendaal about his situation.

Graphic of the state of the Dutch economy according to the panel members and the differences between 2021 and 2022. Text continues below.

The people who still do it now (62 percent) are also worried about what’s to come. “I have no financial problems yet. But how long can you cut more and more”, Tineke wonders aloud. And an NH Nieuws panelist from Den Helder adds: “I’m holding my breath for next winter’s energy costs.”

Compared to last year, the panel members are considerably more negative about the Dutch economy: it was 26 percent and now 74 percent.

Graphics about panelists who have run into financial difficulties. March 2022 compared to September 2022. Text continues below.

Cut back, cut down and cut some more

“I have a hard time making ends meet,” replies Marco from Haarlem. And Jan Tieman from Huizen says: “Everything is getting expensive. An 89 cent pack of butter now costs 2.25 euros. Abnormal!”

And then the hand is held firmly on the incision. 60 percent cut their expenses to a moderate to very high extent. Most people try to reduce energy consumption, but also buy cheaper groceries. And a lot is saved on excursions.

Astrid from Heemskerk also does everything she can to pay the fixed costs. “By spending less and less on food. Instead of a hot meal every day, now soup twice a week, cooking once and a sandwich meal the rest of the week.”

Graphics that save the most. Percentages add up to over 100 because people were allowed to indicate multiple choices. The text continues below.

Big hit coming

We also hear from the people who (almost) don’t have to cut back: ‘not yet’. It is mostly people who use their savings. But above all, a large part of this group still has a cheaper ongoing energy contract.

It is also the reason why slightly more than two-thirds (68 percent) of the panel members expect it to worsen (further) in the coming year. Almost a quarter (22 percent) expect it to stay the same and four percent expect it to improve. And six percent don’t know or won’t share.

In the coming days, we will continue to discuss the purchasing power crisis in our 360 degree newsroom at the Symfonie shopping center in Nieuw-Vennep.

We conducted a survey among the members of the NH Nieuws panel on how they view the purchasing power crisis in general, and specifically when it comes to their own wallets. A total of 1,815 people participated in the survey.

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